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Pumpkin Pie In A Glass (With Booze)

It's just about cold out which means: pumpkin season! We'll drink our way through this together.

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Some grouchy people hate the cold (ed. note: ME!). But I'm a bit of an autumn junky and embrace everything about this time of year, especially the food. Apples, cinnamon, and squash are staples, but above all I'm kind of a pumpkin freak. Obviously. And if you think this gourd is just good for delicious loaves, muffins, and pies, just wait until you try it in liquid alcoholic form: a pumpkin pie martini.

If you happen to find pumpkin pie mix that's organic, you can pretend like this is a healthy cocktail (pumpkin is loaded with Vitamin A regardless). For vodka, I used Skyy Vanilla. And Disaronno Amaretto (is there any other kind?).



1. Place the pumpkin pie mix, amaretto, vodka, and half and half into a martini shaker. Add the ice and shake until well combined.

2. Poor into a martini glass and sprinkle with cinnamon.