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3 Cool New Ways To Display Your Vacation Photos

Keep the memory of your summer travels alive by displaying your photos (yes, physical printed photos) in one of these creative ways.

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Using the cut-out shapes from earlier as templates, cut out your photos. Use the paintbrush to evenly spread Mod Podge over the surface of the 3D shapes, and cover them with the corresponding photos.


First things first, straighten out all of your hangers. Then, start making 90˚ bends following the picture examples below.

Bend 1 Find the center of the hanger, and make two 90˚ bends measuring 3 " from bend to bend.

Bend 2 Lining your pliers up parallel with the first bend, make another 90˚ bend straight up, on both sides.

Bend 3 Measure 4.5 " up on both sides, and make 90˚ bends, bending away from the center.

Bend 4 Lay the frame with the first bends pointing up. Measure a hair over 1" to make the bend. Using a 5 x 7 photo will help you decide where the bend should be. Bend both sides at a 90˚ angle with the ends pointing up (the same direction as the bottom lip).

Bend 5 Line your pliers up with the bend from #4 and bend a 90˚ angle on both sides, enclosing the fame.

Bend 6 Wrap each end and the center with floral wire to secure.

After the dowels and frames are dry, it’s time to attach everything. Place all the frames on the floor and use 5 x 7 photos to help guide the spacing. 6 frames fit onto a 4’ dowel. Once you have everything evenly spaced, use twine to secure each frame onto the wood dowels- 2 knots on top, 2 knots on bottom.

And you’re done! You can lean the display against a wall, or directly secure it. Be sure to add several photos into each slot, so visitors can pick up a stack and flip through your vacation memories. Try adding some inspirational prints or colorful greeting cards to your display, too.


Using a ruler, draw a small obtuse triangle on foam board to make the easel. Cut out the triangle. Using a glue gun, attach the long side of the triangle to the back of the picture.

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