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    How To Revamp An Old Folding Chair

    Seat yourself on something pretty with one of these quick and easy tutorials.

    1. Chalkboard Wooden Chair

    This clever chalkboard chair was created by Anu from Nalle's House.

    Materials: a wooden folding chair, chalkboard paint, chalk, "s" hooks, and a tray or bucket. (You can also make your own chalkboard paint by mixing unsanded grout and black paint by following this recipe.

    1. Tape off the edges around the underside of the seat with painter's tape, then paint it with your chalkboard paint (you may want to prime your wood first if it has any paint or finish on it).

    2. Add an organizer to the bottom of the chair by hanging a tray from the cross bar using "s" hooks.

    3. Hang your chair/command centre. The one shown is hanging from a coat hook in a foyer. The tray at the bottom is perfect for holding sunglasses, keys, cellphone, etc. and even for adding a little greenery or flowers to the space.

    *before using your chalkboard you will want to slate it (i.e., rub it lightly with chalk and then rub the chalk off with a cloth)

    2. Yarn Wrapped Chair

    This unique upgrade on a basic metal chair was created by Kristin Elridge.

    Materials: a basic folding chair, white spray paint (Design Master is the best because it adheres to everything), rubber chair tips, and nubby yarn.

    1. Start by wiping down the chair with a dry rag. Usually secondhand items have had a chance to start gathering dust, but the paint will stick better if there are no dust particles getting in the way.

    2. Remove the top part of the chair. It might screw off. This model was plastic, so it just popped off with a twist.

    3. Spray paint the entire chair. You may need a few coats to get a good solid white.

    4. Wrap yarn around the top part of your chair. This part doesn't need to be perfect. In fact it looks better if it’s not! Keep wrapping until the top open part of the chair is solid and sturdy, then tie a small knot and tuck it under one of the strands of yarn.

    Finished! This is a great project for a child’s room…or if you’re a photographer like Kristin, it’s a new photo prop.

    3. Nautical Fabric Chair

    This little chair is the creation of Sarah from Look What I Made.

    Materials: fabric, stamp of an anchor or other motif (buy one or make your own from a potato), textile paint in dark blue or color of your choice, a brush, a lever, a hammer, scissors, nails (little ones with big heads), and an old folding chair. The one shown has been in the blogger's family for years until she decided to revamp it with her grandfather's help.

    1. Remove the old fabric or base from your chair. For this you will need the lever. Put it underneath the fabric, pound the lever to the nail and lever the nail out. Repeat until the fabric is loose.

    2. The old piece of fabric can be used to measure the size of the new fabric. Cut a piece that‘s about 3 cms (1 inch) bigger on all sides. Fold it 2 times along the length and sew the hem, so that it has the same width as the old fabric.

    3. Time to print. Paint some of the textile color onto the stamp with the brush and press it onto the fabric. Once you‘re done, wait for the paint to dry. Press it under another cotton fabric with a very hot iron for 3 minutes to seal the paint.

    3. Now attach the fabric to the trestle. Fold the fabric at the width length 2 times to the outside. This is very important; if you fold it to the inside it will tear once you sit down. If you fold it to the outside, the weight will be better distributed. Then nail the fabric to the wood with the little nails. I made a zig-zag pattern to make it even more stable.

    And you're done! Just find a nice place in the garden or your balcony and enjoy your new nautical folding chair.

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