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    How To Decorate For The Cutest 4th Of July Party Ever

    It's almost time to break out the stars and stripes! These ridiculously easy decorations will jazz up any Independence Day party.

    Potato Chip Bags

    These adorable bags, which are perfect for picnics or barbecues, were made by Lia Griffith.

    1. You'll need scissors, kraft paper, and labels. Cut 10" x 10" pieces of heavy kraft paper, one piece per bag.

    2. If you like, trim all four edges of the papers with pinking shears. This step is optional but gives your holders extra pizzaz.

    3. Fold the square into a triangle.

    4. Using cutting mat marks as a guide, fold one of the sides over, keeping the top edge parallel to the bottom of the triangle.

    5. Fold the other edge to match. Then fold the front flap down over the two side flaps. Use a label to hold all flaps in place.

    Get the printable for the sticker here.

    Fill with chips, fries, or other greasy finger foods, and enjoy!

    Mini Firework Pompom Mobile

    The team at The Merry Thought made this shimmery red, white, and blue mobile. Here's how.

    1. Gather your materials: You will need red, silver, and blue metallic pipe cleaners, metal hoops, scissors, wire cutter, jump ring, clear nylon string.

    2. If you can't find metal hoops anywhere, buy an old lamp shade from a thrift store. Cut it apart and peel back the fabric until you have the hoop free. Use wire cutters to separate inside pieces of metal from the hoops that you want.

    3. Cut your pipe cleaner. The mobile shown uses mainly 2" pompoms, but some 3" and 4" pompoms for the larger mobiles. Use two pipe cleaners, which will make 12 cut up strips (you can add more strips for desired fullness).

    4. Tie it up. Cut a smaller piece of pipe cleaner and wrap it around the 12 strips you have cut. Be sure to twist it very tightly!

    5. Fluff it. Pull each of the ends apart so that it starts looking like a pom-pom.

    6. Create the mobile. Tie three long equal strands of the nylon string around the hoop (at an equal distance apart) and then tie them up to the middle and around a jump ring so you can hang it from a hook while attaching the pom-poms. You can also wrap extra pipe cleaner around the hoop at this point if you would like, or just leave it plain. Using the nylon string, tie around the middle of your pom-poms and then arrange and tie them to the hoop as desired.

    Printable Invitations

    Old school invitations and envelope liners are easy to make with these downloads.

    Matchbox Labels

    These matchbox labels would make fabulous party favors.

    Felt Party Pinwheels

    All you need are squares of felt, buttons, and sticks, along with some simple cutting and gluing, to create these festive pinwheels.

    Vintage 4th of July Decor

    Go here to find downloads and tutorials for all of Lia's vintage DIY 4th of July decor.

    Confetti Poppers

    These awesome party favors were made by Sara from Confetti Sunshine.

    1. You'll need tissue paper, push-up pops, heavy cardstock paper, 4th of July paper (red, white, and blue, or stripes and stars!), confetti, and tape.

    2. Cut a piece of heavy paper into a 6" by 1 ½" strip. Roll the piece of paper into a tube and place it inside the push up pop.

    3. Stuff your push up pop, as full as you can, with various confetti.

    4. Cut a 4" square of tissue paper and tape it to the top of the push up pop.

    Cut a piece of 4th of July paper into a 6" by 2 ½" piece. Wrap the 4th of July paper around the outside of the push up pop. Tape it securely in to the push up pop in the back.

    Push up quickly on the pop for a burst of confetti! It's just like fireworks YOU CONTROL.