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Craft Wars: How To Repurpose An Old Book

Because really, who reads things on PAPER anymore? In this installment of Craft Wars clever crafters find new uses for old paper stuff.

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Turns out, a good book has a lot more to offer than literary appeal. Here, two handy ladies turn their old reads into fun and functional accessories.

First up, Alisa Burke makes a stack of bookish bangles.


Next up, Kari from Craftinomicon turned a classic into a clock.

Pick a spot for your clock. In the sample shown, the clock is toward the bottom rather than perfectly centered. Find the center of your clock area and mark it with a pen or marker; this is where you will drill.


Create space for your clock mechanism. Open your book and figure out where you will need to hollow out the pages for your clock mechanism to fit inside. Give yourself plenty of extra space to make sure the whole thing will fit without being too snug. Start cutting through the book pages with a mat knife, paying extra attention at corners to keep your cutouts even all the way down through your pages. Remove the pages a little at a time until you have made a hole large enough to house your clock.

Pippa Armbrester is a quilt maker and designer. Follow her adventures in quilting and life on her website.