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Craft Wars: Glitter Spray Paint

How to use the coolest new DIY tool.

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You can never have enough glitter. Seriously. Which is why we're loving the best new way to add shimmer to your crafting: glitter spray paint. Check out these three creative projects that make the most of this awesome DIY supply.

First up, LIz from Gimme Some Style creates glittery canvas bags.

Here's how she did it:

For materials, you'll need: a canvas zippered bag or bag of your choice (the one shown was in a set of three bought from Hobby Lobby for $5), Krylon Glitter Blast spray paint in the color of your choice, painters tape or masking tape, embroidery thread and needle, and Krylon Glitter Clear Sealer.

Prep your bag. Tape your bag in a design of your choice. You may find a stencil easier for circular shapes. The examples shown are a chevron and circular pattern. Make sure you apply the tape securely and with no gaps to ensure best results.


Spray the bag. Using the Krylon Glitter Spray paint, spray the bag on the exposed part of the canvas. Make sure to use thin and even coats. The bags shown have two coats, then a clear sealer on top to prevent the glitter from flaking. Allow the paint to dry completely while the tape is still on, then remove the tape.


Make your own shimmery decor by following these steps:

Gather the following supplies: A lamp base, a roll of tin foil, a towel or cardboard, Rust-Oleam crystal clear enamel, and Krylon Glitter Blast spray paint. The Glitter Blast works on a variety of materials such as metal, glass, plastic and wood. So really almost any type of lamp base could work. A clean smooth surface works best.


Lay out the cardboard or towel. Be sure to work in a well ventilated area (like outside). Remove the lampshade and light bulb. Then wrap all the parts of the lamp that you don't want to get paint on such as the bulb socket and cord with tin foil.

Lay the lamp down on its side. Shake the Glitter Blast really well. Working in small light bursts, cover the lamp base with the glitter blast spray, holding the spray can approximately 10" to 12" away. This is really runny paint and will drip so it is best to do in light layers. Let it sit five minutes before doing another coat. After 20 minutes turn the lamp base over and repeat on the other side. Let set for 20 minutes then turn upright. Do any touch ups if needed.

Note: The Glitter Blast can be tricky to work with, occasionally spraying and sputtering to a stop. It also comes out quickly so use a light touch. This project used up a whole can, so if your lamp is larger, load up on multiple cans.

Optional: Create a custom lampshade to match. You will need your lampshade, a pencil, and the 'writer' kind of gold glitter puff paint.


Lightly sketch out your design with pencil.Then, working slowly and from top left to bottom right, trace your pencil lines with the puff paint. Continue on all sides of the lampshade. Let dry overnight before handling.

Which glitter DIY are you dying to try? Leave us a message on the comments and let us know!


Pippa Armbrester is a quilt maker and designer. Follow her adventures in life and in quilting on her blog.