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    22 Seriously Cool Cement Projects You Can Make At Home

    This stuff really does rock.

    1. Cement Magnets Tutorial

    2. Painted Brooches

    3. Sturdy Industrial Vases

    4. A Dependable Stool

    5. Egg Bunkers

    6. Coasters

    7. Valentines

    8. Cement Bowl

    9. Lace-Imprinted Candle Votives

    10. Concrete Monogram Letters

    11. A Simple Bedside Lamp

    12. Pendant Lampshade

    13. Decorative Easter Eggs

    14. Statuesque iPad Stand

    15. DIY Concete Clock

    16. Lace-Wrapped Concrete Bookends

    17. House Number Paver

    18. Lightbulb Shaped Wall Hook

    19. Ring Bowl

    20. Gilded Geometric Paper Weights

    21. Concrete Fire Bowls

    22. Planters

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