5 Gorgeous DIY Cheese Boards To Impress Your Guests

    Dinner party decor that's chic, not cheesy.

    1. Bento Box Cheese Tray

    Materials: a wooden memory tray, DecoArt outdoor patio paint in blue, red/pink, and yellow (the one shown uses Fiesta Yellow, Blue Bahama and Coral Sunset), Zinsser 12 oz. clear shellac spray, angle oil painting brush, small piece of 150 grit fine sandpaper, a piece of newspaper, and a straight edge and pencil.

    1. Draw and label. Using your straight end and pencil, draw a diagonal line inside each square. You should end up with two 90 degrees triangle in each square. In each square, label the triangle on the right with the following paint order (going from the left square to the right square): Top Row: Blue Bahama -- Coral Sunset -- Fiesta Yellow. Middle Row: Coral Sunset -- Blue Bahama -- Coral Sunset. Bottom Row: Fiesta Yellow -- Coral Sunset -- Blue Bahama.

    2. Apply the paint to each of the labeled triangles.

    3. After you've painted a triangle, paint the inner side panels that the triangle is touching. Since wood is porous, apply 2-3 coat of each color in order to capture the vibrancy.

    4. Clean up your paint mess. Using your sandpaper, sand off any paint stains that you've left behind. Then clean off any sand that is left on the surface so it's ready for shellac.

    5. Time to shellac! Spread out the newspaper and place the tray in the center. Take the shellac and apply as directed. Let it dry for a few hours before you start serving. Shellac will shield the tray from water but it's not waterproof, so wipe clean once you are done using the tray.

    2. Concrete Cheese Board

    Supplies: plastic bucket for mixing, cement mix (Rebecca recommends Rockite or Cement All because they are very fine and dry quite smoothly), water, measuring cup, stir stick, wire whisk, plastic mold (such as Tupperware or anything plastic that is somewhat pliable), canola oil, paper towel, and drop cloth.

    1. Spread out the drop cloth, then gather all your supplies and place them on it; once you mix your concrete, you'll want to work quickly since it is fast drying.

    2. Lightly coat the inside of the plastic mold with canola oil to prevent the concrete from sticking.

    3. Mix concrete in plastic bucket; use about a 4-1 ratio of cement mix to water. First pour water into the bucket, then slowly add cement mixture while constantly stirring. You may want to start with a paint stir stick, then transition to a wire whisk to smooth out the lumps. The less water you use, the stronger your concrete will be (but you want to use enough water so that the mixture pours easily, and drys smooth).

    4. After mixture is completely smooth, pour into plastic mold. Place on a level surface and allow to set for an hour.

    5. After your concrete is dry, turn mold upside down and the board should just slide out. Be careful to catch the board! If necessary, sand edges of board with fine sandpaper.

    Voila! This simple board goes beautifully with any decor.

    3. Chalkboard Paint Cheese Board

    4. Washi Tape Cheese Board.

    5. Hand Held Cheese Palette