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    50 Quilts To Eye, Create, Or Buy

    Forget old lady quilting stereotypes. Nowadays, these blankets are all kinds of hip, quirky, and modern — ideal for snuggling or decorating a wall.

    1. Hattie Butner Throw Quilt

    Available here.

    2. Circles Quilt

    Sweet and simple-- get the tutorial here.

    3. Color Shot Quilt

    A stunning combo of colorful circles and stripes, created by this this talented blogger.

    4. Hand-Dyed Indigo Quilt

    Buy it from Etsy.

    5. Scattering Squares

    Simple patchwork with a dramatic effect. Pattern can be found in this book.

    6. Circular Patch Quilt

    Available from Garnet Hill.

    7. Striped Squares

    Flickr: stitchindye

    A kinetic, vibrant quilt made from hand-dyed fabrics by this gifted quilter.

    8. Felted Sweater Blanket

    Make a colorful quilt out of old sweaters with this awesome tutorial.

    9. Nine Patch Art Quilt

    This art quilt by Eleanor McCain would look gorgeous hanging on the wall.

    10. Southwestern House Quilt

    Available here.

    11. Desert Flora Embroidered Quilt Quilt

    12. Bubbles Quilt

    Overlapping circles make this a multi-dimensional design. Read about its creation here.

    13. Fact or Fiction Quilt

    The skillful use of negative space makes this a powerful design. Created by this blogger.

    14. Modern Log Cabin

    Flickr: reglissemint

    Color and pattern galore make for another revamp of the classic Log Cabin. From this awesome flickr stream.

    15. Miscellaneous Squares

    Flickr: 39897895@N00

    Love the simplicity of squares in a palette of orange and blue. Find it on flickr here.

    16. Liberated Charm

    A totally unique way to show off sporadic bits of patchwork. Read the story behind its creation here.

    17. Llamas

    Llama fabric, actual live llamas... nuff said. By this talented quilter.

    18. Work Quilt

    Creative applique, patchwork, and hand stitching... this little quilt's got it all. Blogged about here.

    19. Oodalolly

    Not sure where the name came from, but I love the stained glass window look. From the blog Stitched in Color.

    20. Autumn Jewels

    It's hard to go wrong with an earthy fall palette. Read this quilt's story here.

    21. Mustache

    It's official: a stache looks good on just about anything. By this clever quilter.

    22. Cloud Song / Via

    Somehow makes a rainy day cheerful The pattern is featured in this book.

    23. Landform Patchwork Quilt

    Available here.

    24. Geometric Burst Quilt

    Find it here.

    25. Pixie Sticks

    This quilt totally reminds me of the colorful sugar candy it's named after. The pattern is available in this magazine.

    26. Reflection Quilt

    Reminiscent of a reflecting cityscape, made by this crafty quilter.

    27. Spring Carnival

    Flickr: imagingermonkey

    Love the deteriorating aesthetic of the design. Made by I'm a Ginger Monkey on flickr.

    28. Nine Patch

    Flickr: 73218431@N00

    There's something sort of rugged and homey about this one. Found on the flickr stream of daintytime.

    29. Triangles Toddler Quilt

    30. Alphabet Quilt

    Cute instead of cheesy. Get it here.

    31. Plaid To Be An American

    A wall quilt that's all American in both design and material, available to buy here.

    32. Hipster Baby Quilt

    Flickr: ericacrafts

    Simple patchwork is all it takes when the fabrics are so cool. Made by this quilter.

    33. Abstract Circle Quilt

    Available here.

    34. Intersecting Circles

    Flickr: utqtbry

    Minimalist in design and color palette, with stitches that echo the circular motifs. By A Blond Quilts on flickr.

    35. Kitty Blankey

    Get the pattern here.

    36. Simple Grid Quilt

    A colorful geometric quilt looks awesome in a white interior. This picture from the Scandanavian blog Emmas Design Blogg.

    37. Pixelated Rose Quilt

    Available here.

    38. Arrows Quilt

    39. Houndstooth

    This pattern shouldn't be reserved for preppy clothing. Design from Dear Stella Design.

    40. Free Range Triangle Quilt

    Get a closer look here.

    41. Tokyo Subway Quilt

    A vibrant depiction of the Japanese public transport. Get the pattern here.

    42. Pajama Party II

    From the Pajama Party series by quilt artist Ellin Larimer. Way cooler than any pajamas I've ever seen.

    43. Opposing Triangles

    Simple and elegant-- love how the stitching echoes the triangle motif. From Sew Katie Did on flickr.

    44. A Wedding Quilt

    Shifting orange rectangles pop against a white background. Pattern available on The Purl Bee

    45. Just Dandy

    Because everyone loves blowing on dandelions. Get the pattern from V and Co.

    46. Modern Monogram

    Way cuter than your average name quilt. Full tutorial is available here.

    47. Wool Plaid Quilt Hanging

    Somehow this quilt manages to make wool and plaid look funky and fresh. From this flickr stream.

    48. Modern Stix

    Touches of yellow pop against the cool palette. Get the pattern here.

    49. Dancing Dots

    So many circles! The pattern is in this book.

    50. Puzzle Quilt

    This interlocking grid is surprisingly easy to create. Pattern available in this book.

    Pippa Armbrester is the author of Solids, Stripes, Circles, and Squares: 16 Modern Patchwork Quilt Patterns. See more of her quilt and crafting ideas on her website.