50 DIY Anthropologie Hacks For Every Facet Of Your Life

Welcome spring with statement pieces inspired by Anthro’s unique style but for a fraction of the price.

1. Gold Chain Bracelet

A chunky chain bracelet makes any outfit a little bit fancy. Andrea from For The Love Of created this DIY version of Anthro’s original.

Materials: gold chains in various styles and sizes of chain links (the bracelet shown used a total of six different types of chains and one style of crystal chain with the crystals encased in gold, often referred to as a Chanel chain), 2 10mm gold jump rings, gold loop and toggle closure, jewelry pliers and wire cutters (if you don’t already have these, all craft stores carry a decent line of jewelry making tools which are just a few dollars).

Step 1: Cut all your chains according to desired wrist size. The bracelet shown used 6.25”-long chains. You want it to fit around your wrist and leave a bit of room to hang nicely. Andrea also used two lengths of the crystal chain for added sparkle, plus one of each of the six other chains for a total of eight chains. Adding in one chain with an antique gold finish in contrast to the shiny gold finish will add some depth to the bracelet.

Step 2: Once all your chains are cut, line them up in the order you choose, and attach them individually to your jump ring. If your jump rings come closed, as some do, gently pry them open by sliding them apart, as opposed to pulling them apart. This will make it easier to close it back together.

Step 3: Once all your chains are attached to the jump ring, attach the jump ring to each end of the loop and toggle closure, and using your pliers, gently close your jump rings on either side.

Your bracelet is now complete! This will take you about 20 minutes to assemble, and cost about 1/3 the original $38 price, including the fancy Swarovski crystal chain.

All Anthro originals are shown in the image on the left, and the DIYs are on the right.

2. Pompom Pens

Make your own pompom pens with yarn, twine, and some simple wrapping techniques. This post has the details.

3. Tassel Necklace

This statement necklace is easy to make in colors of your choosing.

4. Heart Pillow

You can spend nearly $200 on the original, or make your own white-on-white heart pillow, as done here.

5. Monogrammed Soaps

These soaps make for fabulous gifts. Make your own with this tutorial.

6. Lace Comb

It’s super simple to make your own lace comb for a vintage hair piece that’s perfect for Spring.

7. Fringe Bedsheets

Make your own tassel-fringed bedsheets to add a pop of color to your regular white decor.

8. Desk Organizer

Make your own metallic desk organizer by spray painting glass containers. This post has the details.

9. Wishbone Bracelet

If you can track down a wishbone pendant or charm, you can make this good luck bracelet.

10. XO Pillows

These XO pillows are easy enough to imitate with some basic appliqué stitching.

11. Beaded Tassel Necklace

Hard to even tell the difference! This beaded tassel necklace is the perfect DIY with some patience, beading skills, and thread for tassels.

12. Leather Shirt

Turn an old sweatshirt into a fashionable leather pullover. This tutorial shows you how.

13. Mini Domed Cake Stand

Get the same painted floral work at a fraction of the price and make your own little cake stand. with these directions.

14. Piccadilly Drop Earrings

You can’t buy these pretty Piccadilly Drops any longer, so make your own! This blogger shows you how.

15. Corkboard Map

Make your own corkboard map to track your travels. Paint it shades of gray or leave plane like the original.

16. Tee Pee Coasters

Use a fabric pen to recreate these funky little tee pee drink coasters, as done by this blogger.

17. Pompom Pushpins

These pushpins are such a simple DIY. Make them even simpler by buying pre-made pompoms instead of making your own from scraps of yarn.

18. Patterned Placemat

Paint your own patterned placemat to spruce up your tabletop, as done here.

19. Tasseled Rope Bracelet

Make your own nautical-inspired wrap bracelet. This tutorial shows you how.

20. Pom Pom Flowers

Decorate with flowers that will never wilt. These directions show you how to make your own.

21. Tassel Trace Pillow

Make your own pompom covered pillow to match your decor. This tutorial shows you how.

22. After Showers Kitchen Towel

These pretty little towels are no longer available— and all over eBay— but you can make your own with this no-sew tutorial.

23. Rhododendron Chandelier

This flowery chandelier is actually made of cupcake liners and petit four papers. Learn how to make it here.

24. Turban Headband

Keep your mane tamed by stitching up your own turban-style headband. This tutorial shows you how.

25. Pattern Pop Tee

This playful patterned shirt can be stitched up in an afternoon.

26. Plate Art

Anthro sells a gorgeous piece of art for $7,500 but dollar store plates and Sharpies will also do the trick. Check out this post.

27. Glitter Hair Ties

All you have to do is snip and tie some glittery elastics to make your own hair ties, as done here.

28. Constellation Cardigan

Stitch the stars onto a black cardi to replicate this fun constellation sweater. Get the tutorial here.

29. DIp-Dyed Knot Necklace

Create this nautical necklace with some rope, Rit dye, and these directions.

30. Mason Jar Sewing Kit

Gather your sewing supplies into a mason jar, and create a pincushion top. This blogger shows you how.

31. Twig Necklace

Turn a little twig into a unique bit of neckwear. Find out how here.

32. Chalkboard Spice Jars

Keep your kitchen organized with chalkboard spice jars. This post tells you how to make your own.

33. Ring Dish

Turn an animal figurine into a classy little ring dish, as done here.

34. Floral Mug

These pretty floral mugs are an easy DIY with some Sharpies.

35. Chain Vase

This edgy modern vase is so cool you don’t even need flowers. Make your own with this tutorial.

36. Chandelier Earrings

Unleash your beading skills and make these loopy earrings in a few steps. Check out this post for the directions.

37. Zinc Letters

Make a smaller version of Anthro’s zinc letters for use as cake toppers or fridge magnets, like this blogger did.

38. Golden Logs

Make a non-candle version of these golden logs with gold spray paint. This post has the details.

39. Jeweled Bobbie Pins

Make bejeweled bobby pins by simply securing jewels from old earrings to the ends, as done here.

40. Plucked Petals Necklace

Make a pretty petals necklace for Spring out of paint chips! This post has the details.

41. Tagged Notebook

Take notes in style with one of these patterned notebooks.

42. Dipped Seashell Necklace

This beachy necklace is an easy DIY. Buy seashells or use some collected while on vacation for a cute little keepsake.

43. Bow Flats

Make a classy pair of warm weather flats with an old scarf. These directions show you how.

44. Perched Harmonies Necklace

Add some color to your wardrobe by making this charming beaded necklace. Check out this tutorial.

45. Pretty Patterned Bowls

These bloggers used enamel paint writers to recreate Anthro’s patterned atom bowls.

46. Blooming Vases

Make your own embellished vase by constructing a flower out of clay and paint. This blogger shows you how.

47. Gumball Necklace

Make this gum ball-style necklace with… yep, gum balls! This post shows you how.

48. Ruffled Shower Curtain

It takes some sewing skills, but you can make an ombre ruffled shower curtain that’s nearly identical to Anthro’s version! This tutorial has the details.

49. Confetti Cups

Make your own set of these perfect party cups — all you need to do is paint!

50. Circles Mirror

Make your own version of the $428 original for only $25! Here’s how.

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