5 Headpieces That Will Make You Feel Beautiful On Your Big Day

    Having a bad hair day on THE day is out of the question. These elegant DIY headpieces will ensure a lovely hairdo when you say "I Do."

    Whether your bridal style is modern, vintage, or somewhere in between, these wedding headpieces are sure to inspire. They're the perfect stress-free way to add a touch of DIY and uniqueness to your wedding day — or any day for that matter.

    First up, Alison of The Knotty Bride demonstrates three ways to turn a bridal veil into a hairpiece.

    Materials you'll need:

    Style 1:

    Style 2:

    Style 3:

    Style 4: Alison from The Knotty Bride also turns inexpensive Forever 21 necklaces into a lovely layered headband.

    Step 1: Cut the clasps off the rhinestone necklaces so they are just individual rhinestone strands.

    Step 2: Braid the rhinestone strands until they're 7-8" long.

    Step 3: Take the draped necklace and measure around the back of your head from ear to ear.

    Step 4: Attach the draped chain and braided rhinestone strand using one jump ring on each side.

    Style 5: Christy from One Handspun Day creates delicate pearl hairpins.

    Step 1: Cut a piece of wire approximately 9" long.

    Step 2: Create the leaves by adding one bead or pearl at a time and working from the cluster outwards.

    Step 3: Then simply slip bobby pins onto the wire in back of each cluster.

    And you're done! Whimsical wedding hairpins you can rewear for years to come.

    There you have it- five lovely ways to decorate your updo on the big day!

    Pippa Armbrester is a quilt maker and designer. Follow her adventures in quilting and in life on her website.