37 Unique Glasses To Make Happy Hour Even Happier

Whatever your alcohol of choice may be, there’s a glass to go with it. From fun and funny to beautiful and bizarre, these will start a conversation before the alcohol itself does.

1. 1. Wine Hourglasses, $75 for set of four

Very cool — and could easily inspire some unusual drinking games.
From Uncommon Goods.

2. 2. Green & Pink Champagne Glasses, $20.99 for set of two

Sturdier and prettier than your average flute.
From Target.

3. 3. Australian Beer Glasses, $39.99 for set of two

An optical illusion that’s cool even when you’re sober.
From Brookstone.

4. 4. Glass Tank, $419

For when you’ve had a really rough day at work.
By Kouichi Okamoto on Generate.

5. 5. Rainbow Mason Jar Wine Glasses, $40 for set of four

Redneck and glamorous all at once.
By Marsh Home on Etsy.

6. 6. Day Shot Glasses, $75 for set of six

Taste the rainbow.
From Uncommon Goods.

7. 7. “EvOlverre” One Glass For Every Drink

Because your alcohol of choice may change throughout the night.
By Utopik Designs.

8. 8. Inside Out Champagne Glasses, $70 for set of two

Timeless but unique.
From MOMA store.

9. 9. Spiral Waves Wine Glasses, $90 for set of four

Add whimsy and fun to cocktail hour.
By Wood Eye Glass on Etsy.

10. 10. Sagaform Club Martini Glasses, $24 for set of four

Easy to spot, and a lot harder to spill.
From Firebox.

11. 11. Mardi Gras Pitcher and Glass Set, $99

For those remaining days of summer.
From Swank Martini.

12. 12. Ultima Thule Highball Glasses, $69 for set of two

Not sure how it stands up, but love the icy aesthetic.
From All Modern.

13. 12. Capri Martini Glasses, $135 for set of six

If Dr. Seuss made martini glasses…
From Uncommon Goods.

14. 13. Magnetic Shot Glasses, $25.95

Pointless… but awesome.
From Home Wet Bat.

15. 14. Cubist Martini Set, $69.95 for set of four

A glass within a glass keeps your cocktail cool.
From Red Envelope.

16. 15. Swivel Cognac Glass, $47 for set of two

Maybe you can’t knock over a glass that’s already on its side.
From Y Linving.

17. 16. Beer/Shot Glass Set of Two, $14

For dual wielding.
By Highwave on Fab.com.

18. 17. Jazz Black Cocktail Glasses, $62 for set of four

Love how they don’t match exactly.
From On The Table.

19. 18. DuraCLear Margarita Glasses, $49.95-$64.95 set of four or six

Simple and colorful is always a crowd pleaser (just like a margarita).
From Williams Sonoma.

20. 19. Regal Peacock Stemless Wine Glasses, $145 for set of four

Hand painted and worth the splurge.
From Glamfoxx.

21. 20. Olive Martini Cocktail Glass, $150 each

Glasses that do the accessorizing for you.
By Garrett Keisling on Artful Home.

22. 21. Cherry Blossom Stemware, $8 each

Easy on the eyes, and on your wallet.
From Pier 1.

23. 22. iittala Tapio Sherry Glasses, $55 for set of two

One classy glass.
From Design Public.

24. 23. Who’s Wine Glasses, $19.95 for set of four

For avoiding confusion… or perhaps making it worse.
From cb2

25. 24. Test Tube Shot Set, $14

Go wild and geeky at the same time.
From Urban Outfitters.

26. 25. Socks Rolled Down Stemware, $21 each

More laid back than your average wine glass.
From Better Living Through Design.

27. 26. Happy People Reversible Glassware, $35-$132

Glasses that don’t discriminate.
From Gibraltar Furniture.

28. 27. Beer Bottle Beer Glasses, $22 for set of four

Beer bottles given a second life.
From Curate.

29. 28. Tripod Wine Glasses, $99.99 for set of four

A bit more spill-proof, and a definite conversation starter.
From Collect Renaissance.

30. 29. The Fairshare Fountain Self-Filling Champagne Glasses, $885

Expensive, yes, but you’d be the coolest host ever.
From Bouf.

31. 30. Drunk Shot Glass, $12.00 for set of four

As if it matters.
From The Penguin Online.

32. 31. Musical Wine Glasses, $62 for set of two

A good excuse for that bad habit.
From Luna and Curious.

33. 32. Chalkboard Wine Glass, $19.95

An alternative to wine charms. (It’s easier to remember your name than your color anyway.)
From Chalkboard China.

34. 33. Maggliolini Cordial Glasses, $275 for set of six

Color and pattern galore.
From Amazon.

35. 34. Beer Tasting Glass Set, $29.99

Who knew beer glasses could be so beautiful?
From Red Envelope.

36. 35. On The Rock Glass and Ice Ball, $20

Comes with a silicon mold for making a long-lasting ice cube.
From Everything But Wine.

37. 36. Medley Liquor Glass Set, $45

Practical for cocktail making— and pretty to boot.
By Siena on One Kings Lane.

38. 37. The Big Bordeaux, $49.95

Technically it’s a display piece, but it does hold a full bottle of wine…
From Everything But Wine.

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