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    35 Clocks That Look Amazingly Not Like Clocks

    Not all of these time pieces make it easy to tell the time, but they sure look great so whatever!

    1. Rainbow Utensil Wall Clock, $40

    For the kitchen, obviously. From Fred Flare.

    2. Book Clock, $24

    Camouflage your clock on the bookshelf. From Uncommon Goods.

    3. Pop Quiz Clock, $26.99

    Do math before you leave the house. From Think Geek.

    4. For the Adults: I'm Late Anyway Clock, $55

    Because we all feel this way. All the time. From Jennimo on Etsy.

    5. Family Time Photo Frame, $45

    Super cute — as long as you avoid, like, drunk photos. From Dutch by Design.

    6. The Oh My Orange Elephant Clock, $52

    Because who doesn't love elephants and orange? By LeLuni on Etsy.

    7. Lingua Wall Clock, $49.99

    Perhaps this is more for the person who isn't that concerned with being on time/telling time easily. Anyway, it looks cool! By Umbra on

    8. Butterflies Clock, $80

    Dreamy and dark at the same time. From Guilleitrustmart.

    9. Fruit Wall Clocks, $24

    Feeling fruity. By Objectify Homeware on Etsy.

    10. Blocks Clock, $88

    Because colors are prettier than numbers. From Chiasso.

    11. Glowing Moon Clock, $36

    Get the outdoor ambiance without leaving your bedroom. From Fred Flare.

    12. Fried Egg Wall Clock, $26

    It's always a good time for breakfast. (Har har.) From Infmetry.

    13. Ashton Sutton Music Note Wall Clock, $32.39

    For an orchestral vibe. From Nilima Home.

    14. New York Modern Wall Clock, $39.99

    Hard to actually tell the time — but you get a great view of the city. From iluxo on Etsy.

    15. George Nelson Wall Clock, $365

    Bubbly and fun. From Moma Store.

    16. Rnd Time Infinite Wall Clock, $288

    How's this for confusing time-telling? By Progetti on Unica Home.

    17. Manifold Clock by Studio Ve, $9-$119

    Unclear exactly how these work, but they're so zen you won't care what time it is. From Manifold Clock.

    18. Pencil Wall Clock, $98

    So back-to-school. From TikTakThings on Etsy.

    19. Continue Time by Sander Mulder, Price varies by design

    Cooky and modern. From Sander Mulder.

    20. Little Time by Rafael Morgan, price on request

    Talk about minimalist and precise. From Rafael Morgan.

    21. Where T Equals Time Clock, $39.99

    Assuming this makes sense to the brainiacs out there. From Mod Cloth.

    22. Bubble Gum Modern Clock, $150

    Better for your teeth (and your timeliness) than actual gumball machines. By Lisa Argyropoulos on Deny Design.

    23. Atomic Metal Clock Sculptures, $300-$450

    Yes, there's a clock in there somewhere. By Steve Cambronne.

    24. Ultra Flat Wall Clock, $42

    Both a color wheel and a clock. From Uncommon Goods.

    25. Alessi Fratelli Campana Blow Up Wall Clock, $268

    Pick-up sticks meets wall decor. By Alessi Fratelli on All Modern.

    26. Diamantini and Domeniconi Mozia Wall Clock, $230

    Reminds me of pink popsicle sticks. By Diamantini and Domeniconi on FItszu.

    27. Fisher Wall Clock, $80

    For the cat people. From Simply Wall Clocks.

    28. Bird Acrylic Mute Wall Clock, $55.99

    A touch of whimsy. From Light In The Box.

    29. Present Time Puzzle Clock, $90

    Both puzzling and practical. From Pure Design.

    30. Soup Can with Whisk Pendulum Clock, $45

    Industrial chic. From Uncommon Goods.

    31. Paint Color Box Wall Clock, $24.95

    As artsy as it gets. From Zazzle.

    32. Guitar Pick Pallet Clock, $40

    Wait... also pretty artsy. By Laurels Art on Etsy.

    33. Fizz Clock, $18

    Time for a bubble bath. From Chiasso.

    34. George Nelson Eye Clock, $450

    Bit of a Big Brother vibe. From Hive Modern.

    35. Tie Clock, $50

    If you really want to go there for your man cave. From Opulent Items.

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