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    32 Awesome No-Knit DIY Yarn Projects

    If you can cut and glue you can make fun and unexpected decor, accessories, and more.

    1. Hairclip

    Wrap yarn around your fingers, hot glue a button for embellishment, and attach to a clip for a wintery hair accessory. Find all the details here.

    2. Wrapped Scarf

    Wrap a skein of yarn around the back of chair and secure with three pieces of leather for a scarf that's stylish and warm. Check out the full tutorial here.

    3. Vases

    Paint a ball of yarn and insert a small container of water in the middle. Full instructions here.

    4. Wrapped Wreath

    Wrap a styrofoam wreath in brightly colored yarn. The "Love" emblem is made from pipe cleaners also wrapped in yarn. Read all about it here.

    5. Pompom Wreath

    A fluffier version of the above. Cover a cardboard base in pompoms and your house will look like it came straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. Check out these instructions.

    6. Wrapped Bangles

    Wrap yarn around plain bangles for a quick and colorful upgrade. As seen here.

    7. Polka Dot Vases

    Wrap yarn around old milk cartons, and make the polka dots by spiraling yarn in various places around the box. Get the tutorial here.

    8. Easter Eggs

    Wrap yarn around styrofoam eggs and secure in place with glue. More here.

    9. Pompom Flowers

    And with those leftover pompoms (or make some more), you can create an eternal bouquet. Just attach the pompoms to flower wires with a hot glue gun. Find the tutorial here and here.

    10. Mobile

    Wrap embroidery hoops with thread and hang balls of yarn from them. Find a full tutorial and helpful diagrams here.

    11. Circular Wall Hanging

    Wrap scraps of yarn on the face of a paper plate, gluing down as you go, to create a colorful wall hanging. Blogged about here.

    12. Swirly Shoe Decorations

    Make wrapped yarn decorations and attach them to shoe clips (like these). Inspired by this.

    13. Mini Hat Ornaments

    Cut 3/4" rounds from a paper tube, wrap them with yarn, pull the tales through, tie together, and cut off the top to make tiny hats that will liven up wintery flower decor. Check out this tutorial.

    14. Pompom Chair

    This one's made by a German designer but you could definitely make your own by covering a flea market chair in colorful pompoms.

    15. Yarn Balloons

    For fun party decor, dip yarn in diluted glue, wrap it around a balloon, allow to dry, then pop the balloon. Pinned here.

    16. Gift Wrapping

    Wrap plain packages in colorful bits of yarn. From this book.

    17. Braided Scarf

    Simply braid together several strands of colorful yarn. Great for the Spring-to-Winter transition. Inspired by this pin.

    18. Lampshade

    Wrap an old lampshade in bright hues of yarns. Full tutorial here.

    19. Fishtail Hair Braid

    Avoid messy hair chalk but enjoy colorful hair by weaving bits of bright yarn into a fishtail braid. Follow this tutorial.

    20. Candle Votive

    Wrap yarn around an old tin and place a candle inside (works with a mason jar too). Made by this blogger.

    21. Hearts

    Wrap yarn around heart-shaped bases (these were made out of wood) and glue them on a canvas or card for V-day. More here.

    22. Bookmark

    Simple pompoms with a long tail make for a decorative bookmark. Created by this blogger.

    23. Wrapped Letters

    Wrap cardboard letters and spell out whatever or whoever you like. Find tips for tricky wrapping here.

    24. Office Supplies

    Jazz up boring office organizers by weaving yarn into them. Find a full tutorial here.

    25. Hanger Inspiration Board

    Cover clothing hangers in yarn for a unique inspiration board (attach photos with painted clothing pins). Blogged about here.

    26. Tassel Necklace

    Create tassels by wrapping yarn around an object (like an iPod), then glue them to a necklace base. Find the full tutorial here.

    27. Driftwood Decor

    Turn driftwood into colorful decorations by wrapping it with yarn. Check out this tutorial.

    28. Pumpkin

    Wrap a pumpkin-- and don't forget the stem. Find detailed directions here.

    29. Cutlery

    Wrap silverware for a funky dinner party. Find the tutorial here.

    31. Modern Art

    Create minimalist art by glueing felted yarn balls inside a frame. Paint a cardboard base with simple red stripes, like this blogger.

    32. Paperclip Earrings

    Bend paperclips into a triangular shape and wrap with yarn. FInd the details here.