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25 Clever DIY Ways To Keep Your Jewelry Organized

Keep your bling untangled with these brilliant storage solutions.

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1. Wild Animal Hanger

This wild animal jewelry hanger looks amazing against an accent wall. Angelique from Le Marche Eclectique shows us how to make it.

Supplies: a wooden plank, some plastic animal toys, a little handsaw (or very sharp knife), white spray paint (or another color if you prefer), glue, a ruler, and a pencil.

1. Draw a line in the middle of the wooden plank with the pencil; this will act as a guiding line for where to place your animals.

2. Cut plastic toys in the middle with the handsaw. Don't worry, plastic toys are really easy to cut!

3. Follow the drawn line to stick the halved plastic toys on the wooden plank. Add glue and press the toys firmly so they stick, then allow to dry.

4. Paint the plank and toys with white spray paint. Allow to dry.

Done! Simply hang your jewelry on the animal hooks.