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    How To Make 2 Shiny Statement Rings

    See how to make one-of-a-kind finger bling that's way cooler (and cheaper) than your average diamond.

    You can never have enough shiny accessories. And most of us probably aren't Rihanna with endless diamonds to roll into a joint. So consider adding one of these super easy and super stylish rings, made by two crafty bloggers, to your jewelry box.

    First, Dina from A Splendid Assemblage makes a glitter ring.

    Here's how she did it.

    Gather supplies. You'll need glitter, varnish glue, an adjustable ring with a setting pad, toothpicks, a disposable container (you could just use a paper cup), and a ring cushion.

    Position your ring on the ring cushion. You want it to be stable while you work.

    Pour 1/2 teaspoon of glitter in a disposable container. To achieve a druzy look, you need to add half that amount of varnish glue (1/4 teaspoon). The less glue you use, the more the glitter will "pop."

    Stir the mix well with the toothpick until all the glitter is blended with the glue. It's supposed to be stiff, so don't worry if it's not very fluid.

    Using the toothpick, transfer some of the mix on your ring's pad. Hold the toothpick in the middle of the pad and circle it slowly to spread the glitter mix evenly. Once the pad is covered, let it dry according to your glue's instructions.

    Enjoy your new sparkler and feel free to go overboard and make it in as many different colors as you can! Gray winters need some dazzle.

    Next up, Natalie from Creme de la Craft creates a gold rock and wire ring.

    Make one of your own by following her simple steps.

    Gather supplies. You'll need a rock, gold spray paint, 5' to 6' long wire, heavy duty glue (like E6000), and a ring base.

    Spray paint both sides of the rock and allow it to dry. Follow the manufacturer's directions when painting, and always work in a well-ventilated area.

    Attach the rock to the ring base with glue. Let it dry completely.

    Wrap a piece of wire around the rock and ring base a few times. This will give your ring an edgy look while also reinforcing the rock in place.

    Wrap the remaining wire around the base of the ring. When finished, push the end of the wire firmly into the ring base and tuck it in under the wrapped wire so that it is not poking out.

    Double up on these for a bolder look.

    Pippa Armbrester is a quilt maker and designer. Follow her adventures in quilting and life on her website.