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16 Wintry Christmas Decorations Made From Twigs

Make your seasonal trimmings au natural this year with supplies from your backyard.



This adorable yet minimalist decor was created by Ama from Oh Oh Blog. Make just one or two, or a whole reindeer family.

Materials: a sheet of black cardboard (1 millimeter thick), some twigs, white glue, scissors, a pencil, clothespins, and strong double-sided tape.

1. Print the reindeer silhouette from the patterns below, then cut it out. Trace the shape on the back of your cardboard.

2. Cut out the silhouette of the reindeer.

3. On the backside of the cardboard, glue two twigs to make the reindeer’s antlers. You can use clothespins to keep the twigs in place while waiting for the glue to dry.

4. Glue a piece of double-sided tape on the back and hang the reindeer on your wall.

That’s all! You can also add a red sticker to make your reindeer a Rudolph.

Small Reindeer Silhouette

Large Reindeer Silhouette

2. Glitter-Sprinkled Twigs

Make glitter-dusted twigs like this blogger for a festive holiday centerpiece.

3. Mini Potted Tree

This post shows you how to make tiny twig trees with just some dabs of hot glue and floral foam. Ornaments are a fabulous finishing touch.

4. Ornamental Wreath

Make a simple twig wreath with this tutorial, then embellish with bright ornaments.

5. Starburst Wreath

Make a simple starburst wreath for a rustic winter door decoration. This post shows you how.

6. Stars

Make twig stars for your tree or for use as gift toppers. This post has the details.

7. Wall Christmas Tree

Make a modern twig tree that will fit in any home or apartment. This post shows you how.

8. Votives

Decorate your holiday table with rustic yet elegant twig votives. This tutorial has the details.

9. Sparkling Sugar Caramel Apples

Give the best party holiday party favors by making caramel apples with a twig handle, as done here.

10. Snowflake Ornaments

Decorate your tree and home with snowflakes that won't melt. This blogger shows you how.

11. Gift Toppers

Make mini tree gift toppers so your packages will stand out in the crowd. This post has the details.

12. Woodsy Twig Garland

Hang a twiggy garland around the mantle or banister. Check out this video tutorial.

13. Santa Plant Markers

This tutorial shows you how to make little twig Santas with some whittling and paint.

14. Place Holders

Add a unique finishing touch to your holiday table with twig placeholders. This tutorial shows you how.

15. Bulb Ornaments

This post shows you how to fill a glass ornament with spray painted bits of twig.

16. Hanging Tree Ornaments

Make little hanging tree ornaments with this tutorial. Use plane twigs or paint them with polka dots.