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14 Adorable Ways To Decorate Your Clothing Hangers

Your clothes will no longer be the prettiest thing in your closet.

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1. Washi Tape Hangers

Heather from The Lovely Cupboard created this sweet and simple washi-wrapped clothing hangers. You can easily make a bunch to spruce up your closet.

Materials: plastic clothing hangers, washi craft tape in a variety of colors/patterns.

1. Wipe the hanger surface free of any dust.

2. Starting at the base fo the hook, wrap the washi tape around the hanger, overlapping the tape with each wrap.

3. Every couple of inches, use your hands to press and secure the tape in place.

4. Continue wrapping around the entire hanger, angling the tape in the same direction. Wrap the whole hanger or make fun patterns with the tape, allowing some of the hanger to show through.

And you're done!

2. Thread-Wrapped Hangers

These elegant clothing hangers were created by Becca at Lady Face Blog. They're like friendship bracelet-clothing hanger hybrids.

Supplies: a hanger with a bar (preferably a wooden one), four colors of embroidery floss or thin yarn, and scissors.

1. Cut a piece of embroidery floss about 36” long, and then cut a piece of each of the remaining colors of embroidery floss to the same length.

2. Tie the bundle of embroidery floss around the bottom rung of the hanger and knot it in place. Be sure to leave about 1” of embroidery floss at the end of the knot so you’ll be able to hide the ends.

3. Select your first color of embroidery floss. With the bar of the hanger vertical and the hook of the hanger to your right, hold the remaining pieces of embroidery floss and the ends from the knot flush with the hanger bar. Then, take the selected piece of embroidery floss, bring it to the left, and then over the hanger bar, forming what looks like a “4”. Next, bring the end of the embroidery floss around the back of the hanger, and through the “4” shape. Pull tight to make your first knot.

4. Continue the above step with your first color until you have a section of color the length of your liking. When you are ready to switch to the next color, simply bring the color you were working with back to flush with the hanger bar, select the next color of embroidery floss, and repeat the above step with that color. Continue these steps, alternating colors to your liking, until you reach the end of the hanger bar.

5. As you work, you will need to add additional lengths of embroidery floss to the existing ones. To do so, simply cut another 36” of that color and tie the new length of embroidery floss to the older one, and then trim the ends to about 1/2". Be sure to think ahead, so you can hide the knot under the other colors of embroidery floss as you work.

6. When you reach the end of the hanger bar, tie a tight knot around it, and trim the ends.

Voila! A hanger worthy of one of your favorite garments.

3. Color Block Yarn Hanger

Kat at We Can Re-do It created this tutorial for cozy color-blocked yarn hangers. Bonus: not only do these hangers look pretty, the yarn creates traction that will keep clothes from slipping.

Materials: a hanger, scissors, yarn in various colors (3-4 arm lengths of each color).ous colors (3 to 4 arm lengths for each color)

1. Start by getting organized: cut a small rectangle of card board and snip a slit at the center. Put one of the cut ends into the slit to hold it place and then wrap the rest around the piece of cardboard. Create one of these for each color of yarn you are using.

2. Tie the first strand of yarn onto the hanger with a double knot leaving a 1-2” tail.

3. Create a loop over top of the hanger by draping the yarn so that it looks like a backwards “P”. Insert the loose end of the yarn under the hanger and up through the loop.

4. Begin to tighten the loop around the hanger, making sure that it is also tightening around the tail.

5. Slide the loop up the double knot. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until that color has reached the length you like it.

6. When you’re ready to add a new color, begin again at step 2 and repeat through step 5. In addition to covering the tail, you will also be tightening the loop around the yarn color that you are not currently using. This is the process every time you want to add on a new strand of yarn.

7. Once all of the strand are added you can pick up any strand you want and begin knotting anytime you’re ready to change up the color. Don’t be afraid to try making sections of varying lengths. There’s no wrong way to do this and variety will add a lot to the finish!

8. As you near the end of the hanger, go ahead and cut off any strands that you know you will definitely not be using.

9. Finish by covering any last tails. Double knot very tightly on the back and snip the excess with scissors. If you have any worries about the knot slipping, secure with a small dot of glue.

You've done it!

4. Ombre Hanger

Kat also created this ombre version of the above. Follow the same directions, but use 4 colors and follow this color order: darkest, 2nd darkest, 2nd lightest, lightest (weave the lightest all the way around the corners and bottom of the hanger), 2nd lightest, 2nd darkest, darkest.