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There's A Place In Melbourne Where You Can Literally Pay To Break Stuff

You can smash stuff real good.

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In the back streets of Melbourne's Brunswick, there's a place where you can actually pay to smash stuff with a baseball bat. It's quite suitably called The Break Room.

The break room concept was bought to Australia by Ed Hunter, who was looking for a way to deal with the stress of his software advertising job.

"I wanted to break my own cycle of coping with stress the typical ways: eating my feelings, commiserating over drinks with colleagues, and the odd massage session. I wanted something different which I could look forward to and be excited about doing," says Ed.

According to Ed, the room is not about violence, but about harnessing our "destructive tendencies" in a controlled, fun way.

Pip Jarvis

"Stress is a very real health issue for most of us, and while I'm definitely not a psychologist, I can attest to the healing powers a good session in the break room can provide," he says. After a few awkward swings and misses, I learned that stacking the mugs was the way to go, and I immediately understood what Ed was talking about.


And as you can tell here, I remained calm, cool and collected the entire time.

Pip Jarvis

Though I was thankful that wearing jeans and closed-in shoes is required, and that I picked the welder's mask as my face protection of choice; the other option being a mean motorcycle helmet.

After being introduced to a selection of coffee cups, wine glasses, plates, and a very ugly wine carafe, it was over for this virgin vandal. I left the break room with nothing but a pile of debris, and some potential heart palpitations.