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24 Pretty Cocktails That Prove Melbourne Bars Are The Best

You don't need to try and justify the cost when the drinks are this good looking.

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1. The Foxy Bingo at Loop Roof, Melbourne CBD

With gin, lime, orgeat, and rosewater, you'll want to order this babe for the name alone.

2. Hattori Hanzo at Saké, Melbourne CBD

It’s easy being green with this refreshing tipple from Saké. Muddled cucumber and jalapeno is shaken with gin, yuzu, freshly squeezed lemon juice and elderflower.

3. The Cure at Waterslide Bar, Southbank

A blend of Ketel One vodka, blueberry and balsamic syrup, and fresh ginger, this pretty pink concoction is said to relieve "all common afflictions, including dolefulness, scurvy and turgidity".

4. The Pisco Punch at Harley House, Melbourne CBD

With Campo de Encanto Pisco, lime, sugar, and egg whites, this cocktail could be your new summer go-to. Sorry, Aperol Spritz.


5. The Pop Corn Flip at Eau de Vie, Melbourne CBD

This drink features salted popcorn-infused cognac, which means it's just as ~trendy~ as is tasty.

6. Pinky and the Brain at Katuk, South Yarra

This rhubarb twist on a gin sour is summer in a glass.

7. Kum Den Botanica at Union Electric, Melbourne CBD

Gin meets apple juice, cucumber, and elderflower in this zesty delight.

8. The Botherambo at Botherambo, Richmond

Pandan and banana rum, Coco Lopez, lime, Xocolatl bitters, and creme de cacao will get you all hot and bothered - in a good way.


9. The Hawk and Dove at Dutchess, Melbourne CBD

A long, cool drink of everything but water, this leggy bourbon-based beauty contains carrot mist. Yes, that's right - carrot mist.

10. The Panda Colada at Brunswick Mess Hall, Brunswick

Just when you thought the classic pina colada couldn't be improved, you meet this cocktail with Thai coriander bitters, toasted lime, nutmeg, and cherry.

11. The Improved Cosmo at Father’s Office, Melbourne CBD

If you're not a fan of Carrie Bradshaw's signature drink, you might just like this new version, which is served with raspberry and pomegranate.

12. The Fluffy Pom, Tropic Thunder and Margarita at St Hotel, St Kilda

With so many pretty drinks on this short but sweet cocktail menu it's hard to choose a favourite. The tropic thunder is perfect for vodka drinkers, the fluffy pom for the gin lovers, and of course, the margarita is for those that are a little crazy for tequila.


13. Mae Kong Sour at Son in Law, Collingwood

With whiskey, lemon juice, brown sugar syrup, and egg white, this sour cocktail is pretty standard. Luckily, the umbrella gives it a very cute edge.

14. The Spicy Amigo from Om Nom Dessert Bar, Melbourne CBD

With mezcal and chilli, this is one fierce rival to everyone's favourite negroni.

15. Various Cocktails at The Mill House, Melbourne CBD

You can't argue with a cocktail that's topped with a flower and that's just how many of the fancy drinks at The Mill House are served.

16. Pimms Cup at Arbory, Melbourne CBD

A classic summer cocktail to sip by the river - just be sure to snap a photo of this jug before someone starts serving it.


17. Various Cocktails at Panama Dining Room, Fitzroy

If you go to Panama, you've got to order a cocktail. Rest assured, no matter which you choose, it's bound to be damn beautiful.

18. The Brazilianaire at Nieuw Amsterdam, Melbourne CBD

As sexy as a Ipanema sunset, this yummy drink teams cachaça with apricot brandy.

19. Miss Violet at Du Nord, Melbourne CBD

This gin-based drink is a sight for sore eyes, with a cute name to boot.

20. The Porn Star Martini at Captain Baxter, St Kilda

While you'll either love or hate the name of this cocktail, nobody can argue with the combination of vanilla and passionfruit. Served with a shot of prosecco on the side to take the whole thing up a notch.

21. Love Potion No.1 at Glamp, Melbourne CBD

Sharing is caring, so choose this cocktail for two. Made from Plantation Guyana Rum and Pampero Anejo infused with Lapsang Suchong Tea. Blood orange, grapefruit and other fresh, delicious ingredients also make an appearance.