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    24 Pretty Cocktails That Prove Melbourne Bars Are The Best

    You don't need to try and justify the cost when the drinks are this good looking.

    1. The Foxy Bingo at Loop Roof, Melbourne CBD

    2. Hattori Hanzo at Saké, Melbourne CBD

    3. The Cure at Waterslide Bar, Southbank

    4. The Pisco Punch at Harley House, Melbourne CBD

    5. The Pop Corn Flip at Eau de Vie, Melbourne CBD

    6. Pinky and the Brain at Katuk, South Yarra

    7. Kum Den Botanica at Union Electric, Melbourne CBD

    8. The Botherambo at Botherambo, Richmond

    9. The Hawk and Dove at Dutchess, Melbourne CBD

    10. The Panda Colada at Brunswick Mess Hall, Brunswick

    11. The Improved Cosmo at Father’s Office, Melbourne CBD

    12. The Fluffy Pom, Tropic Thunder and Margarita at St Hotel, St Kilda

    13. Mae Kong Sour at Son in Law, Collingwood

    14. The Spicy Amigo from Om Nom Dessert Bar, Melbourne CBD

    15. Various Cocktails at The Mill House, Melbourne CBD

    16. Pimms Cup at Arbory, Melbourne CBD

    17. Various Cocktails at Panama Dining Room, Fitzroy

    18. The Brazilianaire at Nieuw Amsterdam, Melbourne CBD

    19. Miss Violet at Du Nord, Melbourne CBD

    20. The Porn Star Martini at Captain Baxter, St Kilda

    21. Love Potion No.1 at Glamp, Melbourne CBD