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    19 Insane Nutella Creations Everyone In Melbourne Needs To Know About

    You may be pronouncing it wrong, but here’s how to eat it right.

    1. Nutella Cruffin at Agathé Pâtisserie, South Melbourne

    2. The Nut-Tellin’ Shake at Muharam Cafe, Hawthorn

    3. Hazelnut, Nutella & Biscotti Crumble Gelato at Pidapipó Gelateria, Carlton

    4. Nutella Banana Scroll from KWAK Scrolls, various locations

    5. Nutella Gyoza at Peko Peko, Fitzroy

    6. Nutella Doughnuts at +39 Pizzeria, Melbourne CBD

    7. Make-Your-Own Crepe at Myrtles Crepes & Coffee, Northcote

    8. Pizza Dolce at Pinocchio Pizza, Hampton and South Yarra

    9. Nutella Waffle at Waffle On, Melbourne CBD

    10. Waffle Stack at Grand Trailer Park Taverna, Melbourne CBD

    11. Nutella Bomboloni at Baby Pizza, Richmond

    12. Waffle Stack at Truck Stop Deluxe, Werribee

    13. Baked Nutella and Ricotta Cheesecake at Son of a Pizzaiolo, Thornbury

    14. Nutella Brownie Dessert Shake at Johnny Pump, Essendon

    15. Wicked Snickers Crepe at Rue de Creperie, Fitzroy

    16. Bomba Nutella at St Domenico Pizza Bar, Richmond

    17. The Tilyan at The Moor’s Head, Thornbury

    18. Nutella Doughnuts at Lui Bar, Melbourne CBD

    19. Pretty Much Everything at Brunetti, Carlton

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