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12 Insane Hot Chocolates Everyone In Melbourne Needs To Try

They'll warm you right up.

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1. Hash Specialty Coffee, Melbourne CBD

Instagram: @hashspecialtycoffee

Home of the deconstructed hot chocolate that low-key broke the internet recently, Hash is damn good. Pour the little beaker of hot chocolate over milk-flavoured fairy floss and you'll have yourself the silkiest cup of cocoa in town.

2. Fourth Chapter, Prahran

Instagram: @fourth_chapter

Prahran’s hottest new café is melting hearts with this hot chocolate sphere. This time, you pour warm chocolate milk over a gold-flecked sphere of chocolate, which has a vanilla bean marshmallow centre.

3. Long Story Short, Richmond

This Richmond café is insanely good, dishing up their very own chocolate sphere treat. Here, it's a Matcha Maiden latte poured over a white chocolate, marshmallow-stuffed sphere of goodness.

4. East Elevation, Brunswick East

If there’s one place in Melbourne that takes cacao seriously, it’s East Elevation. If you go, be sure to try the Jaffa, triple sec, and candied-orange hot chocolate.

5. Nora, Carlton

If you don’t mind a DIY drink, Nora is pretty special. After you are served your big scoop of cocoa ganache, the next step is to pour in the hot milk and watch it melt to perfection before your eyes.

6. Mörk Chocolate Brew House, North Melbourne

The hot chocolates at this North Melbourne brew house are some of the fanciest in town. Go for the Campfire hot chocolate, which comes with a toasted marshmallow, glass of swirling smoke, and pinch of house-smoked salt.

7. Sonido, Fitzroy

Instagram: @sonido_melbourne

This traditional Colombian-style hot chocolate will keep you warm all day. Cheese is an optional extra, but it's one you should definitely order.

8. Bowery to Williamsburg, Melbourne CBD

Instagram: @echorune

Peanut butter hot chocolate. It almost sounds too good to be true, right? It's not. Take one hot chocolate, add peanut butter caramel syrup, peanut butter ganache, and prepare to swoon.

9. Brunetti, Carlton and Melbourne CBD

Instagram: @brunetticaffe

Rich, dark, sophisticated, and Italian. Honestly, this hot chocolate is almost too good for words. Dip in some crostoli and your day is made.

10. Dex2rose, Melbourne CBD

You’re probably not thinking about gelato now it’s so goddamn cold, but you should be. This hot chocolate set involves lightly-spiced Belgian hot chocolate, salted caramel gelato, raspberry drupelets, and homemade marshmallows.

11. Ganache Chocolate, South Yarra and Melbourne CBD

Instagram: @ganachechoc

While it might look like your average hot chocolate, this drink has something special about it because it’s 100% vegan-friendly.

12. Gertrude Street Enoteca, Fitzroy

Instagram: @margauuuxc

What could be better than a molten mug of hot cocoa? Hot chocolate spiked with rum, of course.