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    22 Healthy Breakfast Bowls Everyone In Melbourne Needs To Try

    ~They see me bowling. I eating.~

    1. Power Bowl at Legacy, Camberwell

    2. Superfood Acai Bowl at Admiral Cheng Ho, Abbotsford

    3. Cacao Bowl at Urban Projuice, Albert Park

    4. Vegan Acai Bircher Bowl at Serotonin Eatery, Burnley

    5. Bowl of Health at LBSS, Abbotsford

    6. Peanut Butter Acai Bowl at Nutrition Bar, various locations

    7. Organic Acai Bowl at Combi, Elwood

    8. Cacao Pops Muesli Bowl with Blueberry Compote at Il Fornaio, St Kilda

    9. Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl at Einstein’s Relative, South Yarra

    10. Acai Bowl at A Thousand Blessings, Richmond

    11. Green Bowl at Holy Bowly, Hampton

    12. Acai Bowl at Neighbour’s Cafe, St Kilda

    13. Chia Bircher Parfait at Soul Press, Edithvale

    14. Nourish Bowl at Heal.Thy Self Co, Yarraville

    15. Acai Wake Up Bowl at Einstein’s 251, Caulfield North

    16. Dragon Fruit & Acai Bowls at BlendCo, Cremorne

    17. Acai Bowl at Denis the Menace, Cremorne

    18. Tropic Thunder Acai Bowl at Green Press, Melbourne CBD

    19. Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl at Hunters’ Roots, Melbourne CBD

    20. Raw Cacao Pops at Home Juice, Docklands

    21. Green Protein Bowl at Ayomo, South Melbourne

    22. Acai Bowl at Brew’d Awakening, Port Melbourne

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