19 Reasons You Should Really Think About Moving To Brisbane

    And at least half of them have nothing to do with the weather.

    1. Winter isn't coming. Ever.

    2. And we've even got stats to back it up.

    3. Your chances of owning a home are a buttload better here than in Sydney or Melbourne.

    4. But if you're not quite there yet, at least you'll save money on rent.

    5. We're a hop, skip, and a jump to the little slice of paradise that is Noosa.

    6. And it's only an hour's drive to the Gold Coast.

    7. This Brissie-to-GC proximity will come in handy for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

    8. Everyone's a friend of a friend.

    9. You don't need a plane ticket to get to Splendour.

    10. Matty J owns land here.

    11. Brisbane's the only place to be after State of Origin game three.

    12. Nobody cares if you're not into AFL.

    13. The food scene is pretty amazing.

    14. This kind of BS doesn't fly here.

    15. And the City Cat is a pretty sweet ride to soak up some of those rays.

    16. There's also this awesome, totally pointless Skyneedle.

    17. We've got Riverfire.

    18. We're getting a zip line!

    19. And if you feel like escaping the big smoke, Queensland's home to the world's three largest sand islands.