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19 Reasons You Should Really Think About Moving To Brisbane

And at least half of them have nothing to do with the weather.

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1. Winter isn't coming. Ever.

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Winter in Brisbane deserves a medal, with the clearest blue skies and max temps rarely dipping below the 20s.

2. And we've even got stats to back it up.

Perth may pip us to the post with an annual daily average of 8.8 hours of sunshine, but at 8.2 hours, we leave Sydney (7.2) and Melbourne (6.5) for dead. As for poor Hobart (6.4)... there's always MONA.

3. Your chances of owning a home are a buttload better here than in Sydney or Melbourne.

Brisbane's average property prices are literally half as much as they are in Sydney.

4. But if you're not quite there yet, at least you'll save money on rent.

While rent prices in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and Hobart have increased in the past 12 months, prices in Brisneyland have actually fallen. #winning


5. We're a hop, skip, and a jump to the little slice of paradise that is Noosa.

A leisurely two-hour drive will land you in the pristine jewel of the Sunshine Coast, where the swimming, eating, and people-watching is stellar. Even in winter, the weather is perfect, and it's close enough that you can go for a day trip.

6. And it's only an hour's drive to the Gold Coast.

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If you're not into the razzle dazzle of Surfers Paradise, Burleigh is super chill. Plus the ocean temps are the warmest in Australia, with Sydney second and Melbourne in frostbite-worthy fifth place.

7. This Brissie-to-GC proximity will come in handy for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

8. Everyone's a friend of a friend.

We've got the third-largest Aussie capital city population, but try telling that to Tinder. If you can find a match without at least five mutual FB friends, you're doing well. Good or bad thing? You decide.


9. You don't need a plane ticket to get to Splendour.

Or Falls for that matter. Being a few hours' drive from Byron is pretty handy all year round, come to think of it.

10. Matty J owns land here.

Imagine bumping into everyone's fave Bachie down at the supermarket.

11. Brisbane's the only place to be after State of Origin game three.

And any decent boss will turn a blind eye to your hangover.

12. Nobody cares if you're not into AFL.

Except maybe this guy.


13. The food scene is pretty amazing.

Brissie has a cosmopolitan dining scene with two big pluses: You can make bookings for less than six people, and sometimes you don't even have to queue for your smashed avo.

14. This kind of BS doesn't fly here.

$5 for a spoonful of Nutella? Tell Melbourne she's dreamin'.

15. And the City Cat is a pretty sweet ride to soak up some of those rays.

Traversing the brown snake is the best way to commute in Brisvegas.

16. There's also this awesome, totally pointless Skyneedle.

Who needs an Opera House when you have a rainbow pointy thing? A leftover from Expo '88, the iconic Skyneedle was purchased by hairdressing king Stefan Ackerie to save it from being relocated to Tokyo. And thank heavens it was.


17. We've got Riverfire.

Held at the close of the annual Brisbane Festival, Riverfire's a pyrotechnic display par excellence.

18. We're getting a zip line!

With sweeping views of our fair city, Mt Cootha's set to become a bona fide adventure hub with plans for a zipline under way.

19. And if you feel like escaping the big smoke, Queensland's home to the world's three largest sand islands.

Fraser, Stradbroke (Straddie), and Moreton Island for the win. These stunning spots of natural beauty have equal appeal for adventure lovers and those who prefer to spend their holidays horizontal, with a frothie in hand.