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Megamind is an American super hero movie directed by Tom McGrath and produced by DreamWorks. Yup, the Megamind and Shrek are siblings !

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Eight days old Megamind


At the beginning when Megamind was talking about his childhood, he said about eight days old baby came from "broken home" - himself. Megamind had 4 teeth whereas normal babies get their first teeth at 6-12 months. We know he is an allien, but why didn't he grow faster than his classmates then?

Superpower - Intellect


Megamind and Metroman were both alliens, but only Metroman had superpowers. Megamind had a big head that represented his intellect and mind. He could even create the analogue of Metroman - Titan.

The Minion


Did you ever thought what kind of fish is Minion? Well, Minion is piranha with big light brown eyes and sharp teeth. Piranha perfectly fits evil guy because they both look terrifying (at least they try). Also they both prove that they are actually good guys and loyal friends, which is usually rare for evil people.

Black and White


In this movie we can clearly see that black color is for evil man and white color is for good man. At the end, when Megamind saves the Metro city he wears a white mantle to show he became a good guy.

"Being bad is the only thing I am good at"


Megamind was not an anti-hero from the beginning. It was not his fault to be grown up in prison. During his school years he tried to impress his classmates and to fit in, but he had some mistakes which resulted in fire and other accidents. Megamind wanted attention, but he remained being Metroman's shadow. Only then he understood that he is good at being evil.

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