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Why FrontierVille is Better Than FarmVille

FarmVille creator Zynga's new game, FrontierVille, gives users the chance to build their own bustling frontier town instead of tediously maintaining crops that end up dying anyway.

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  • FrontierVille is newer and Zynga has spent more time and money developing it.

    This means that FrontierVille is more innovative, has taken FarmVille's success and used it to create a game that will be even more popular.

  • FrontierVille has nicer homesteads

  • FrontierVille has hotter avatars and allows you to experiment with avant-garde facial hair

  • FrontierVille prepares you for a family while Farmville prepares you for a lonely life of farming


  • FarmVille

  • In FrontierVille you have to work for your land, but because the grass and the trees grow you will always have a constant source of income and resources

  • Frontierville is less crowded, but the people who are there actually play

  • Farmville fans are so pathetic and eager to level up without putting in work that they are willing to spend thousands of dollars to do so

  • FrontierVille doesn't have tacky, un-necessary items that crowd up your property

  • FrontierVille teachers you about human breeding which is a necessary part of life

  • Frontierville doesn't need to resort to cheap promotional deals with 7/11 to gain players