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    Jedward Does Hollywood! The Irrepressible Pop Twins Are Back With A Fab New Video And Some Famous Friends...

    Take heart, people! It may be dark, gloomy, and colder than a witch's nork out there, but John and Edward Grimes are like two little rays of sunshine in human form, and they're beaming a few minutes of much needed LA heat into our frigid lives with their latest video. Make Your Own Luck is the third single from Jedward's (as yet untitled) forthcoming album of tracks entirely written and produced by the brothers themselves. It's a slick, funky tune which showcases the boys' falsetto vocals, and delivers a super-positive message about self-empowerment and working for your dreams. Imagine Prince and Justin Timberlake following you down the street, waving pom-poms in your face, and telling you how awesome you are, and you're still only half way to how feel-good this jam is.

    Jedward / Via

    The video, shot in Los Angeles, looks set to surprise fans and newcomers to Planet Jedward alike, and provides ample opportunity for viewers to see just how mature the twins are these days. And by 'mature' I mean 'hot like burning', obviously. It's a riff on the timeless Prince and the Pauper story, with Edward living the high life of a star, while his estranged twin is forced to undertake demeaning tasks for money. Let's take a look...

    Perez Peruzes!

    Jedward / Via

    Before hitting the UK to divide public opinion in the Celebrity Big Brother House, Perez Hilton takes a minute to enjoy the latest offering from pals, John and Edward. And has a little chair dance.

    Edward's (Hip) Dip!

    Jedward / Via

    Edward does a few early morning lengths in his luxurious pool, and sets pulses fluttering while he's at it. Who likes short shorts?

    Shabby Chic!

    Jedward / Via

    Meanwhile, poor John is working hard for the money in a scrapyard. He's making it look pretty cool though.


    Jedward / Via

    Edward gets stopped for a photo by avid selfie collector, Stalker Sarah.

    Make it rain, boy!

    Jedward / Via

    But John is reduced to performing humiliating tasks for his employer, portrayed by comedian and sexpert Margaret Cho, even being forced to kiss her for a wad of cash in a dark twist!


    Jedward / Via

    John takes out his frustrations on a baseball...

    Jedward / Via

    ...and a hapless TV.

    Home Run!

    Jedward / Via

    Maybe it was that relaxing swim, maybe it's Percocet, but Edward doesn't seem too perturbed that John's ball is flying toward his pretty face at high speed. You might want to try running next time, Ed. Or, y' least ducking!

    Jedward / Via

    Phew! Coffee saves the day.


    Jedward / Via

    In a Donnie Darko-esque turn of events, John's baseball landing in Edward's cup somehow alters the space-time continuum, and the brothers' destinies become intertwined. They pass each other in the street...

    Jedward / Via

    ...and share a warm Jedhug against the stunning backdrop of the Hollywood Hills. Aww! Thank goodness for that. I don't want to live in a world where John and Edward aren't Jedward. It would be all wrong. Like chocolate covered bacon.

    So, here's the mini-movie in all its Jepic, sun-drenched splendour. Enjoy!

    Make Your Own Luck

    View this video on YouTube

    Vevo/Jedward / Via

    The single is released on 30th January, and available for pre-order from iTunes right now.

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