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    Jedward And A Host Of Iconic Figures In New Music Video For Leave A Mark

    The pop twins use archive footage of famous faces spliced with some striking imagery in the dreamlike and touching new video for their forthcoming single, Leave a Mark.

    Jedward Always Leave A Mark and Dare to Dream

    Last seen facing off in the video for the trap-inspired track they penned for Sharknado 3, Oh Hell No, John and Edward Grimes are back with a soulful, synth-driven number, which they hope will encourage fans to dream big. Reminiscent of some of Brandon Flowers' recent solo releases, Leave a Mark has an uplifting lyrical message, and the video uses a palette of sumptuous blues and golds to evoke a calm, mystical feel...

    Resplendent in matching outfits, John and Edward try their hands at a spot of horse-whispering.

    John makes a mesmerizing silhouette against the deep blue of the sea at dusk.

    John floats in the ocean like a modern day Ophelia.

    Edward dares us to 'let the magic unfold'.

    John drops to his knees, looking like a young Elvis - one of the many legendary faces to appear in the video.

    Some of histories most famous leaders, stars, innovators, and heroes have cameo roles. Can you name them all?

    Many of the shots show how in sync and united the boys are as brothers...

    ...and as best friends.

    Ultimately, the song is about spreading your wings, self-belief, and striving to be the best that you can be in the face of adversity...something John and Edward are well-versed in.

    Leave a Mark is released on 14th August and can be pre-ordered from iTunes and Amazon.

    Watch the rather lush video now!

    View this video on YouTube
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