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11 Awkward Moments When Someone STILL Hasn’t Paid You Back

If only that crippling fear of confrontation you have wouldn't get in the way.

1. Starting to bring it up next time you see them, but chickening out at the last minute.

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Which usually results in you awkwardly trailing out your sentence and praying they don't pick up on it.

2. Trying to drop subtle hints at literally every opportunity.

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"I'm, like, dropping hints that I want my money back."

3. Trying to slyly suggest they cover your bill the next time you get dinner together.


Except this approach would take way more courage than you'll ever have.

4. Feeling an intense, deep rage when they show you the new expensive trainers they've bought themselves.

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And not just because you want a pair.

5. Heavily debating with yourself whether it'd be weird to ask them over text.

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It somehow feels even more awkward than just doing it in person.

6. Visiting their house and feeling like you have free reign on their food and booze because, well, they owe you.

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Except no amount of Vouvray can fill the hole in your bank account.

7. Briefly considering blurting it out next time you see them with cash in their hands. / Via

But then remembering how awkward that would be and forgetting about it.

8. Trying to keep a straight face when they complain at you about someone owing them money.

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"Oh, I wouldn't know what that feels like."

9. Trying to keep your cool when they complain about literally anything.


"Yeah, OK, your car broke down, but also, like, you still haven't paid me back..."

10. When they ask you to cover them again and you almost combust internally.


Your poor stress levels have never been so high.

11. When you've left it so long, you can never ask again.


It's cool. Holding a grudge forever is definitely a healthy thing, right?

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