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    14 Times The Hulk Was A Beefcake Daddy You Would Definitely Let “Hulk Smash”

    Being mean and green never looked this good.

    1. When he rocked this salt and pepper look.

    2. When he pulled off these hipster eyeglasses.

    3. When he did this.

    4. When he embraced his softer side.

    5. When Bruce Banner burst out of his clothes and suddenly you felt tingly inside.

    6. When he took this photo with his younger fans.

    7. When he jumped out of a building and all you could focus on was his impressive back muscles.

    8. When he socked Thor and you knew immediately that he was the one for you.

    9. When he flexed his big green biceps and you almost fainted.

    10. When he flashed this adorable smile.

    11. When he gave this smoldering look and you wanted to see more of it.

    12. When he stood next to Captain America and made you say "Cap Who?"

    13. When even nerd-Hulk could get the business.

    14. When he maintained his sex symbol status in the face of imminent death.

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