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    11 Insanely Good Ways to Use Up Hard Boiled Eggs

    If you find yourself in the lucky predicament of having leftover hard boiled eggs, never fear! From creative twists on deviled eggs to soups to salads to sandwiches, here's how to use them.

    1. Spicy Deviled Eggs

    Pinch and Swirl / Via

    Creamy classic deviled eggs kicked up with sriracha and red chili flakes!

    2. French Potato Salad

    Mon Petit Four / Via

    A rustic take on classic potato salad dressed simply with a drizzle of olive oil, some dijon mustard and a good grind of sea salt and freshly ground pepper.

    3. Dill Pickle Deviled Eggs

    Spend with Pennies / Via

    Deviled eggs all dressed up with tangy dill pickles, fresh dill and a splash of pickle juice.

    4. Nicoise Salad

    Pinch and Swirl / Via

    Look no further than classic Nicoise Salad to use up those eggs. Boil some green beans and potatoes, slice a tomato, open a can of tuna and...done!

    5. Crab Cake Stuffed Deviled Eggs

    No Spoon Necessary / Via

    If you love crab cakes then these deviled eggs are for you! They're silky smooth with generous chunks of rich lump crab and a hint of crunch from the panko topping.

    6. Crispy Chorizo Deviled Eggs

    Kevin is Cooking / Via

    What have your deviled eggs been missing? Spicy Chorizo of course, nuff said.

    7. Coconut Curry Laksa

    Bam's Kitchen / Via

    Coconut Curry Laksa is a Singaporean dish made with dried shrimp, chillies, shallots, garlic, coriander and curry and topped with, you guessed it - hard boiled eggs!

    8. Smoked Trout Deviled Eggs

    Karen’s Kitchen Stories / Via

    If you love the flavor of smoked trout, just think of it crowning deviled eggs!

    9. Beet-Dyed Mustard Ranch Deviled Eggs

    A Side of Sweet / Via

    Why should deviled egg toppings have all the fun? Bright pink beet-dyed mustard ranch deviled eggs are stunning and easy to make.

    10. Tomato, Egg, and Olive Salad with Gorgonzola Vinaigrette

    Kalyn's Kitchen / Via

    Slice those leftover hard boiled eggs and layer them with fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes and olives, then drizzle with a gorgonzola vinaigrette.

    11. Chicken & Egg Salad Sandwich

    The Fit Blog / Via

    Layer this lightened up version of curried chicken and egg salad on your favorite bread!

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