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12 Ways To Have The Hoppiest Easter Ever

Because everything's better with bunnies. And with Pillsbury Cream Cheese Crescent Bunnies, it’s easy to have bunnies be an essential part of your holiday, even in the kitchen!

1. Give your kids a game that'll keep them busy between the day's activities with a DIY bunny bag toss!

Courtesy of Pink Stripey Socks /

The bean bags are little carrots... How can you NOT love this? Learn how here.

2. Create easy and adorable stuffed sock bunnies that only require one sock!

Courtesy of Craft Passion /

It's practically an Easter bunny as a pet. Learn how to make these here.

3. Have these bunnies "hang around" with your family anywhere in the home with these printable garlands!

Courtesy of Happythought /

Get your printable decoration staple here.

4. Let your kids bring their Easter friends to life with simple Easter Bunny finger puppets.

Courtesy of Lil Fish Studios /
Courtesy of Lil Fish Studios /

Learn how to make these soft puppets come to life here.

5. Add a craft that can actually be functional as well with painted Easter bunny jars.

Courtesy of Make Life Lovely /
Courtesy of Make Life Lovely /

Make them for Easter, but your kids can use them in a million different ways after the holiday is over! Learn how to make these here.

6. Help the Easter Bunny make their mark with these bunny footprints!


Just think of the looks on Easter morning! Get your footprints here.

7. Create an art project the whole family can do to showcase the cutest part of the bunny.

Courtesy of Clean and Scentsible /

It's all about that tail feather...or rather, poof? Yes, poof. Easy instructions here.

8. Add some festive ears to your kids Easter 'do with Bunny hair bows!

Your kids' Easter best can only get better with the proper hair accessory! Get these fun hair bows here.

9. Cut out old paint samples to make colorful bunnies that can hang anywhere!

Courtesy of The Vintage Umbrella /

All the Easter color without the messy dyes! Instructions here.

10. Give a hoppy twist to your traditional dyed Easter eggs with paper ears.

vmiramontes / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: vmiramontes

It's more fun to hide these eggs anyway.

11. And let the bunny be a part of the hunt with these personalized Easter Bunny baskets.

And they'll be able to use them for many egg hunts to come! Purchase them here.

12. Give your Easter guests an extra treat to take home with paper bunny favor bags!

Courtesy of Confetti Sunshine /

Give that extra candy a home! Simple instructions here.

Give kids the fun activity of creating the best part of your Easter meal with Pillsbury Cream Cheese Crescent Bunnies!

Head over to Pillsbury for more bunny-themed ideas to make your Easter extra festive!