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11 Reasons San Diego Is Football Heaven On Earth

Calling all angels — illegal formation. Don't head to a playoff party without a heavenly food. Try one of these game day snacks from Pillsbury.

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3. San Diego also has panda power!


The zoo is one of the only places on the planet to see giant pandas in captivity. Look at that ball protection — get this little guy into some pads.

5. Over-the-line is their off-season pastime.

It's basically softball minus the running (win); San Diegans invented it while waiting for volleyball court space on the beach (win); and it can be played year-round (win).

6. California burritos are the ultimate fuel.

Physicists have even theorized that the California burrito may be the key to propelling a rocket with a human payload to Mars.

8. You can occupy all non-game days with farmers markets and food trucks.

Stacy Spensley / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 21001756@N06

Ocean Beach Farmers Market gives llama rides on Wednesdays. YES, llama rides. ¿COMO SE LLAMA?

9. Award-winning San Diego news anchor Ron Burgundy reportedly "crashes" the team's practices on a regular basis.

Trevor Hagan / Reuters

Where he has been witnessed speaking gibberish, acting erratically, and throwing equipment. Sources say he recently challenged the offensive line to a game of Red Rover, after which he was briefly hospitalized.

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