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11 Reasons Houston Fans Don't Need The Playoffs

Football season is over. Guess Houston will just have to get back to being the best city ever. Brought to you by Pillsbury, with a heap of recipes to raise anyone's spirits.

1. They can spend Sunday afternoons at world-class art museums.


The Houston Museum District is made up of 20 distinct institutions that are home to art, sculpture, and artifacts. This GIF is inspired by the work of modernist painter Mark Rothko. The Rothko Chapel is one of Houston's best art destinations.

2. You know that whole "space exploration" thing? It's kind of a Houston thing.


Houston is home to NASA. NASA goes to space. Ipso facto: Houston is the gateway to space. You're welcome, Planet Earth.

3. Houston has the best Vietnamese food outside of Vietnam.

goodmami / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Flickr: goodmami
Barnaby / CC BY http://2.0 / Flickr: bdorfman

The Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Bangladeshi food is pretty killer too.

4. And the biggest rodeo in the world.

Katie Haugland / CC BY http://2.0 / Flickr: 76771463@N02
Katie Haugland / CC BY http://2.0 / Flickr: 76771463@N02

No big deal or anything but it's kind of the BIGGEST DEAL EVER. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is part stock show, part carnival, and features performances by top country artists. Yeehaw!

5. Houston has more parks that any other major metropolitan city.

little black spot on the sun today / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: sdbruns

And the weather is actually mild enough to enjoy them most days of the year.

6. There's the fact that Houston rap will live forever. / Via

In Texas they be swangin'.

7. Also Tex-Mex cannot be defeated. By anything. Ever.

bradleygee / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: icanchangethisright

8. The Texas Medical Center is the world's largest medical complex.

Katie Haugland / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 76771463@N02

When somebody needs a-healin', they make a beeline for Houston, Texas — a world leader in treatment and research. That's something to be proud of.

9. And Houston recently surpassed New York City as America's most diverse city.

Spiva Arts / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: spivaartworkers

Check out the census data here.

10. Houston also has the highest average personal income in the country, and a paycheck goes farther in Houston than any other major city. / Via

Dolla, dolla bills, y'all. Check out the facts here and here.

11. And oh yeah: Queen B calls Houston home.

Buda Mendes / Getty Images

Top that, world.

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