10 Easy Steps To Building The Ultimate Snack Stadium

Tired of consistently letting down your friends on game day with your sub-par selection of snacks? This year, Pillsbury® challenges you to up your snack game by building the ultimate snackadium. See if you have what it takes!

1. Start with Pillsbury® pizza crust as the base of stadium

2. Next, use medium salsa and guacamole to create the grass and the end zones

3. If you mess up the proportions, it might end up looking something like this…

4. To finish your field, scoop a bunch of sour cream into a plastic sandwich baggie, and pipe it out to draw lines on your field

5. Next, use Pillsbury® crescent wrapped mini hot dogs for the perfect fence around your stadium

6. And then Twinkies to create the stands

7. Then, you’ll need goal posts

8. Pepperoni sticks make perfect goal posts

9. For the outside wall of the snack stadium use marshmallow squares held together by toothpicks

10. Now, you’ll need players. For the players, cut up hot dogs into small pieces

Add olive halves on top for helmets

Photo By Nichloas Gray

11. And last but not least, you’ll need some fans to fill up your stadium

Place chips and various snacks between the fence and outside wall to create your custom crowd

Photo By Nichloas Gray

Give yourself a hand, you’ve done it. You’ve taken your game day grub to new heights with an epic snackadium. And for that we applaud you.

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