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    15 Embroidery Hoop Sayings Only Geeks Will Understand

    cotton + floss + nerdisms = fabulosity suitable for hanging.

    1. "Hellos" and "goodbyes" are interchangeable.

    Stitch Culture / Via

    Like "aloha," except in High Gallifreyan.

    2. Verbal fist bumps are a thing.

    Quirkorium / Via

    For those times you need a reminder to be true to yourself.

    3. Everything can be explained in Venn diagrams.

    That's What She Stitched / Via

    Case in point.

    4. Do or do not.

    Stitch Culture / Via

    There is no try.

    5. Eliminate the impossible.

    Choocha / Via

    Explore the improbable.

    6. Sometimes, nothing makes sense.

    Stitch Culture / Via

    Because the road from cause to effect is completely non-linear.

    7. Love is crazy.

    That's What She Stitched / Via

    And generally makes you lose your damn mind.

    8. Best friends are everything.

    Quirkorium / Via

    Level: Boss.

    9. Don't be a pansy.

    Empty Room / Via

    Put on your big girl panties and deal with it.

    10. Don't try so hard.

    Stitch Culture / Via

    Some things just aren't going to happen.

    11. Good grammar saves lives.

    That's What She Stitched / Via

    Because proper punctuation is everything.

    12. You are a mental athlete.

    Choocha / Via

    So don't forget to remember.

    13. Haters gonna hate. / Via Kristina Stitches

    Don't stop doing what you do best.

    14. Bazinga!

    Lady Jane Longstitches / Via


    15. Expect the unexpected.

    Rites of String / Via

    Because the night is dark and full of terrors. Daylight is equally questionable.

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