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    • pikmybrane

      I’m not quiet sure this is the actual video. I originally tried to view it on the HuffPost site and it was taken down. This is probably an edited version of her actual apology. The editing was obviously done by someone who only wanted you the hear what they thought was pertinent to get their point across. I’m not condoning Paula for her actions, but I am also not gonna hate her for making statements that other people say on a daily basis and because they are not in the public eye they find themselves without repercussions. My husband is from a small town in South Dakota and I’m a Puerto Rican from NYC. When we got married his grandma wondered if my people were legal. She was a school teacher when there were only one room school houses and books didn’t even name the island on a map of the world. People are set in their ways and sometimes the crap they say as they are older come from a place of ignorance. Should Paula know better, yes. Should Paula have thought about where she was when she made those statements, yes. But hell people talk all kinds of crap when they are amongst friends, and sometimes we forget that there is mixed company sprinkled in who don’t get the joke.

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