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Best Blogs In Asia Written By Women

No every single one of these women is native to the land they write about. They inspire us and have helped show us the diversity of people living in Asia.

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Lost in Translation

Vivian Lost in Seoul / Via

Vivian Morelli fell in love with Japan through the eyes of Sofia Coppola's film and decided to write about her daily experiences in Japan. She loves Japanese people and the culture and helps teach us about them! She also gives dating tips for living in Japan as a Western woman.

Runaway Juno

Runaway Juno / Via

Juno Kim was an engineer at a car company in Seoul and gave up her life in a cubicle for a life on the road travelling. She's a beautiful photographer, tells inspiring trips from the road and encourages women to follow their passions. She even started a conference to bring Asian women together!

Creme de la Crop

Creme de la Crop / Via

Creme was started by a 13 year old girl with a passion for fashion. Her name is Evita and she's from Indonesia. The reason we love her blog so much is because of her unique style, eclectic taste and great photos.

Masala Chai

Masala Chai / Via

Masala Chai is a great blog all about Southeast Asian art. It was started by Pavitra Mohan in 2007. She is from Chennai, India. She has a curatorial background with a higher diploma and now works in Singapore. She has worked with an artist management firm, freelanced as a cataloguer and worked for a non-profit organisation for the arts .

Hong Kong Fashion Geek

Hong Kong Fashion Geek / Via

Hong Kong Fashion Geek is a Hong Kong-based blog focusing on a variety of lifestyle topics, including fashion, food, consumer gadgets, design, etc. The bloggers behind the enterprise are hkFashionGeek (Virginia Ngai) and hkShoeGeek (Christina Ko), who founded the blog in early 2009.

Lao Ren Chen

Lao Ren Cha / Via

Written by an American expatriate that moved to Taiwan, this is your go to guide for moving to Taiwan (or maybe even China?) She gives great advice on how to prepare (aka-shop!) for your life abroad, a detailed insight to Chinese culture and women's issues in Taiwan.

Tibet Photo

Tibet Photo / Via

This blog was created by Anna, a Russian travel guide a few years ago. She found her passion and place in the world in the mountains of Tibet and has taken some breathtaking photos of the area.

Nomadic Chick

Nomadic Chick / Via

Although Jeanie is currently in Costa Rica for travel, she totally counts as an Asian blogger for us! She is a travel writer and lives for the countries she visits for an extended period of time. Must read locations on her site are China and India.



HKELD was started in 2012 by Meaghan McGurgan. An artist who was producing shows, she found a lack of art criticism in Hong Kong. She began her own site that reviews theatre, lists upcoming productions, has information on Asian theatre history and some hilarious stories about her struggles as a starving artist.

Save the Elephants

Save the Elephant / Via

A foundation in Thailand to save the elephants in Thailand from the cruelties of the tourist trade was started by Lek Chailert. She writes a blog about the daily happenings at the camp in Chiang Mai with wonderful photos of elephants living peaceful lives.

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