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    10 Pictures Of Harajuku Girls

    You have not seen over the top fashion choice until you've seen a Harajuku Baby!

    You make friends for life in the Harajuku

    Don't be afraid to strut in Tokyo

    Colours and Light / Via

    Karychan is a Harajuku Legend!

    KaryChan / Via

    Harajuku for going to the DR office

    Indulgy / Via

    Do you think she has enough hair clips?

    Skool Girl / Via

    Winter Harajuku

    Japan Life / Via

    Don't you study wearing something like this?

    Tumblr / Via

    Harajukus are not shy to express who they are

    Tokyo Fashion / Via

    Love the bold choice of pattern and color!

    Tokyo Fashion / Via

    Faery Kay shows how Harajuku can be subtle

    Faery Kae / Via
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