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Marty Angel

At one week old Marty Angel was the last surviving kitten in his litter. He was on the verge of death from starvation when he was dropped off at the shelter. He was barely able to swallow the milk replacer we tried to give him because he was so weak. By some miracle, and with ALOT of constant,around the clock hard work Marty Angel's life was saved. Today Marty Angel is 3 years old and is the most loving little Angel you would ever hope to meet. Marty Angel has been in my life since the day he showed up at the shelter at one week old, I am privileged to have been able to call myself first his "foster" mom, and then later, his adoptive mother. Marty Angel has brightened my life in ways I never thought possible. He, and his two "brothers", are my children just as much as my human son. Mommy loves you Marty Angel.

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