Flightless Birds Just Want You to Be Yourself

These birds care about you.

1. Birds have a lot of expectations put on them by people. The biggie, obviously, is the ability to fly. But some brave birds say, “Nah, I’m cool with being flightless.” And they want you to feel the same way about whatever it is that makes YOU different

2. “Haters gonna hate. Keep your head up.”


3. “There has never been anyone like you. Be proud!”


4. “Follow your passions and be creative. You know what you’re doing.”

Baby Kiwi

5. “Don’t hide behind a mask. People want to know the real you.”


6. “Speak up. Your opinion is just as valuable as anyone else’s.”


7. “Trust yourself. You know more than you think.”

Fuegian Steamer Ducks

8. “Don’t think about the status quo. Think about what makes you happy.”

Tasmanian Nativehen

9. “The more ‘you’ that you can be, the happier you’ll be.”

Giant Coot (Yes, seriously.)

10. “And always remember: damn, you is fine!”

Winking ostrich that has a crush on you

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