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    Into The Woods: Chapter Two

    Chapter 2

    Chapter 2 (this took 1 hour lol)

    I woke up to the sun brightly shining onto my face. I sat up and looked around, I grabbed my teddy bear that fell onto the group and hugged it. “Sorry Teddy!” I said. I jumped out of bed and slipped into my bunny slippers. I looked at myself in the mirror. I smiled. Every morning I do. I open my door and skip downstairs holding my teddy bear. “Mommy what’s for break-” I said before seeing my mom wasn’t there, again. I sighed. All I saw was cooks and maids, cleaning and cooking. I couldn’t even find Ruby, so I went up to one of the maids and asked if my family was anywhere. The maid I went up to looked fairly young. “Hello? Miss, where is my sister and mom?” I asked. She looked over at me. “Well I saw your sister this morning, no clue where she went,” She said. Because I was curious, I asked how old she was. “How old are you, Miss?” I asked. She looked over at me. She bent down and whispered into my ear. “I’m fifteen in years, but don’t tell anybody little girl. If anyone asks, say I’m twenty three,” She says. I nod and walk away with my teddy bear. I start walking around the house looking for Ruby. “Ruby? Ruby?” I repeat Ruby’s name over and over, and I can’t find her. Fluffy appears near my legs, rubbing against my legs. I look down and pick her up. I put my teddy bear on the ground. “Good morning Fluffy!” I say as I slowly put her down and pick up my teddy bear. I walk around the house, trying to find my sister. Soon, I hear someone yelling my name. “Willow!” I hear. I instantly think it's Ruby. “RUBY!??!” I say. Ruby appears out of nowhere. “Willow, I've been near you the whole time!” “But….I never saw you!” I say. “Willow, you're probably still tired. Let’s just go eat breakfast,” Ruby says. “Ok sissy,” I say. I hold my teddy bear close to me and walk behind Ruby. “Um, Hello? Can we please have bacon and eggs. Oh and maybe some toast with nutella, too!” Ruby says, winking at me. Our mom never lets us have nutella, but Ruby could sneak it past if mom wasn’t here. After our breakfast was ready, I was already sitting down ready to eat. They placed the plates down and we started to eat. I ate my bacon, then my eggs. I started to eat my eggs when we heard footsteps. I looked over and saw my mom in a white floral dress and white sparkly heels. Her curly brown hair was pulled into a braided bun. She looked over at our plates, Ruby already ate her toast so our mom turned her attention to me. “Willow! Don’t eat that chocolate spread! It’s unhealthy!” My mom came and took away the toast. “Go get ready! You're done with breakfast!” My mom said. “But I’m not full!” I said. “I don’t care! Go get ready!” My mom said. I grabbed my teddy bear and stomped up to my room. I shut my door and flopped onto my bed. I thought, why does she care so much about nutella? Kids in my school ate it all the time! I got up out of my bed and started to make it, pulling the blankets up and tucking them in. Placing stuffed animals next to each other. I finally finished making my bed and picked out my clothes. I opened my white wooden closet and took out my favorite dress and looked at it. “I’m tired of wearing dresses!” I said. I shoved it back in my closet and took out a fancy shirt. I grabbed some black leggings and put the clothes on. I looked into the mirror. I liked my new clothes and how I looked. I put on black flats and went out to the stairs and skipped downstairs. My mom turned around to see me in my new outfit. The young maid also looked at me. She bit her lip. “WILLOW! WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!?!” My mom yelled at me. “Clothes!” I said. “I liked these clothes better than dresses!” I said. “But if you don’t wear dresses and flats you won’t be perfect! Back to the nutella thing this morning. If you ate that you could have ruined your pajamas and even worse-” Before my mom could finish her sentence we heard a loud explosion. My mom looked out the window and saw smoke. “Stay here Willow!” My mom said. “Oh and, Rosa! Can you take care of Willow? I’m gonna get Ruby!” My mom said. I thought to myself, Who’s Rosa? The young maid stepped forward and walked over to me. “Of course ma’am,” Rosa said. She leaded me over to the basement and we locked the door. “Ok, how this is gonna work,” Rosa said as taking off her black and white maid outfit. Underneath she was wearing black fishnet gloves and black shorts. She was also wearing a black shirt. “You are gonna do what I say and we will end up alive out of this, understand?” She said. I nodded. “Ok, we are staying in this basement until-” Rosa said before we heard another explosion. We heard screams and before we knew it, we saw fire entering the basement.