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    17 Times The Internet Completely Understood France


    1. We have good food and excellent wine, but we may not always be the most pleasant people...

    2. We never mess around with cheese. EVER.

    3. Our English-speaking skills are somewhat lacking... to the point that we LITERALLY TRANSLATED WILL.I.AM'S NAME.

    4. Which is why we prefer to speak French.

    All the time. Sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    5. By the way, we couldn't care less about what the words we use could mean in other languages.

    6. Seriously, we don't give a damn.

    7. Our way of counting is... interesting.

    8. However, when it comes to vocabulary, we are certainly less creative.

    9. We have a unique sense of priority.

    10. We'll admit that sometimes we really push it with the bread thing.

    11. When we drink, we tend to take it a bit too far.

    12. And even when we're sober, we somehow manage to find a way to draw talking condoms.

    13. Our logic is a bit strange.

    14. And our school textbooks are... well, we don't even really know.

    15. Our humor can be kinda witty.

    16. See? We can be funny!

    "Our animals are on a strict dietary plan, which does not include human children..."

    17. And sometimes, we just don't give a damn.

    But that is why we are great ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    This post was translated from French.

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