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18 Reminders That Your Summer Vacation Could Be A Lot Worse

You think twice before you complain.

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1. The outdoor swimming pool on the hotel's website could have looked like this:

2. You could have made the same mistake as this low-budget pirate:

3. You could have gone somewhere really hot and been pranked by your own sweaty back:

4. You could have had a little too much fun and been arrested at the worst possible moment:

5. You could have failed as hard as this unparalleled seducer:

6. You could have not to accounted for the tide:

7. You could have tried to even out your tan as poorly as this guy did:

8. Or worse, you could have fallen asleep in an awkward position out on the beach like this guy:

9. You could have forgotten to ask for the days off in time and been forced to improvise a "staycation":

10. Sort of like this guy had to:

11. You could have brought your very reluctant dog on the trip with you:

12. Or maybe worse, you could have brought along your dog who was a little too eager to be on vacation with you:

13. You could have passed out at a festival and woken up in a powerful, warded circle of protection:

14. You could have tried to show off at a family barbecue and ended up with third-degree burns on your ass:

15. Or you could have tried to show off to a bunch of strangers and ended up with a broken back:

16. You could have unintentionally turned yourself into a toilet for seagulls like this guy did:

17. You could have forgotten to wear sunscreen like these fools:

18. And — horror of horrors — you could have accidentally packed Crocs:

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