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Technology Is Taking Over Our Jobs – Thanks God!

Hello, My name is Lubica and I work as an illustration agent – artbuyer. Usually my work jumps somewhere between commissions, illustrators and clients. I suppose, as a reader of this blog, you know this position or even work also like an artbuyer. But, recently, my job had a twist – I was asked to test Minty. Platform for the community of artists and commissioning tool – but not from the position of agent, but from the position of artbuyer (usually my client). And you know what? I am loving it! Honestly, truly, from the bottom of my heart. I wanted to make an illustration which will be needed by journalists in near future, so I decided to follow actual world events and I’ve picked up theme of French presidential elections. I decided to request a talented illustrator Marco Melgrati.

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French election by Marco Melgrati

Eiffel by Marco Melgrati

Guigliot by Marco Melgrati

Marianne Delacroix by Marco Melgrati

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