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5 Other Times "Wholesome" Shows Like Downton Abbey Depicted Storylines Involving Sexual Assault

At least the PBS drama didn't overlay the episode with a laugh track.

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Regardless of whether you live upstairs or downstairs, in London or the countryside, in a Gray is the New Black-prison or WWI trenches, you're aware of the most sorrowful and distressing episode of Downton Abbey to date. As heartbreaking and scary it is to watch, it was a dramatic and conceptually realistic event that fits into the storyline—it wasn't like the Flukeman appeared one day as a new footman, as some individuals seemed to interpret it...

Also, many Downton Abbicts voiced their displeasure that a "family drama" would depict the character of Anna being sexually assaulted. One individual even belittled all Downton Disciples as superficial twits who are merely attracted to the show for its costumes. And, online recaps were followed by a multitude of comments that expressed general displeasure with the route the program had taken...

However, Downton Abbey is by far not the first "family" show (a faulty descriptor for the PBS drama IMO) to feature sexual assault.

2. The Facts of Life - Fear Strikes Back


After the headmaster's secretary is raped on campus, the school considers, but ultimately decides against, canceling a costume party the girls' are all planning to attend. While walking home alone from the party, Natalie almost becomes his next victim.

3. Little House on the Prairie - Sylvia


Fifteen year old Sylvia Webb, while on her way home from school, is sexually assaulted by a clown-masked individual. A now pregnant and socially exiled Sylvia plans to run away with new beau Albert Ingalls, but sustains lethal injuries while trying to escape her attacker a second time.

4. Too Close for Comfort - For Every Man There's Two Women


Monroe is abducted from a mall parking lot by two women who take him to another location and rape him. Despite instances of inappropriate audience laughter, justice is ultimately served when the two assailants are apprehended by police.

5. Quantum Leap - Raped


Sam leaps into the body of a rape victim to not only press charges against the girl's one-time date and attacker but to also beat the shit out of him when he attempts to sexually assault her again.

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