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We Got A Makeup Artist To Share 10 Tips For The Perfect #NoFilter Selfie

We’ll finally take the perfect selfie! No question — this shot’ll be #nofilter.

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Meet BuzzFeed Creative Megan and Makeup Artist Extraordinaire Tony. We spent the day with Tony, and he opened our eyes to a whole new world of looking amazing. Here are his expert tips.

1. Prep your canvas.

Tip #1 is well known but not universally practiced, so listen up: It’s crucial to even out your complexion with primer or Physicians Formula #InstaReady Super BB Cream before you start anything else! Give yourself a solid, beautiful base to work from.

2. Powder from the center of your face outward.

Spread powder evenly across your face by starting in the center. This allows the rest of the power to fade out for a super-natural look.

3. Add contrast with an easy contour.

Contouring sounds scary, but it doesn’t have to be! Tony used #InstaReady contour trio stick for an easy, effective transformation. Here are the deets:

* Glide the contour trio stick from the apple of your cheek to your temple with highlighter facing up.

* Blend upward with your fingertip, then use the highlighter shade alone on your cheekbone, browbone, and the bridge of your nose.

* Finally, use contour shade on your jawline, hairline, and side of your nose.

4. Use the "3" method to add some warmth with bronzer.

For full, even coverage, draw the number three on your face with bronzer. Start at your forehead, sweep across your cheeks, and then move along your jawline before blending. And don’t forget to blend your neck!

5. Get extra oomph from your eyeshadow by using a white base.

Tony explained that if you start by covering your eyelid in a white shadow, everything you layer on top will, well, POP! Once you’ve put on your white base, cover with a medium shade. Then finish by applying your darkest shade into the crease, extending it to the outer corner of your eye and using a light shade to highlight your browbone.

6. Gently heat your eyelash curler before you use it.

You can do this by holding it under a blow dryer or warming it under your armpit (we won’t tell!). Either way, it will help the curl hold.

7. If you’ve gone big on eyes, keep it simple on the lips.

Try something light (Tony used an argan lip oil on Megan) for a touch of shimmer that won’t rival your smoky eyes.

8. Find a spot with natural-looking light and a very simple background.

Simplicity is key to a great selfie.

Simplicity is key to a great selfie.

9. Snap a lot of pictures as you move your head slightly.

Don’t take one, look at it, and then take another. Instead, keep snapping! This will guarantee that you find the best, most natural shot.

10. Go with the one that makes you smile.

Instagram: @buzzfeedcreative

In the end, all that matters is that it looks and feels like you. Like Megan, you’ll know your perfect selfie when you see it!

Photographs by Sarah Stone / © BuzzFeed

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