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11 Struggles That People Who Haven't Tried Fake Eyelashes Will Never Understand

They will never know the pain. It's time to trade in fake for real, with Physicians Formula Eye Booster Doll Lash Extension Kit.

1. Having to add an extra hour (or two) to your getting-ready schedule.

2. The extreme importance of hand–eye coordination.

3. The way the glue burns.

4. And how, sometimes, you accidentally glue your eyes shut.

5. The nightmare that is trying to get the lashes to sit straight.

6. That moment when you realize that they’re too long...after you've finally gotten them on.

7. Trying to trim them after they’re already on.

8. The pain you feel when they're finally on and you're so proud of yourself, but then you realize your eyelashes are SO HEAVY.

9. And when you’re out and trying to have fun, but can’t focus because you feel like your eyelash is sliding.

10. And then you check and it obviously is.

11. And the moment at the end of the night when you abandon them and know that all of your hard work was for nothing.

Get a real boost and say goodbye to fake. Try Physicians Formula Eye Booster Doll Lash Extension Kit.