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5 Steps To Create The Perfect Selfie In Under Five Minutes

Looking amazing doesn’t have to take forever. Your perfect selfie is only five minutes away with Physician Formula #InstaReady!

1. Apply #InstaReady Beauty Balm BB Cream

Here's a surefire method: Apply five dots across your face, then blend with your finger.

2. Contour with Physicians Formula #InstaReady Contour Trio BB Stick

3. Apply #InstaReady Filter Trio BB Powder

Brush the powder evenly on your face for a customized filter glow.

4. Use the Eye Booster Doll Lash Kit

This isn't your everyday mascara. Just sweep the Lash Boosting Mascara to prep for the extensions, and then layer on lash-boosting ingredients. Finally, brush on the extensions while the mascara is still wet.

5. Apply Argan Wear Lip Oil

Lightly squeeze a small amount onto your lips. Look: complete.

6. Five minutes later, you are selfie-ready!

Photographs by Sarah Stone / © BuzzFeed

Be your Self(ie)! Get that photo-ready look in seconds with Physicians Formula #InstaReady.

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