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    A Minneapolis Foodie's Semi-Exhaustive Guide To The Twin Cities

    If you didn't think the Twin Cities had amazing food, be prepared to be wow-d (and starving) by the time you get through this exhaustive list of droolworthy places to eat in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

    A few things.

    Superbowl week is underway in Minneapolis and apparently millions of people (including some celebs *ahem* Justin Timberlake) are flooding the Twin Cities to experience all things football! If you're like me, food is one of the most important things about a trip, so I (as a self-proclaimed foodie) thought I'd be Minnesota Nice and share some of the best spots to nosh.

    1. This is a semi-exhaustive list so there's a good chance I forgot a few of the good ones. If I missed anything, add it in the comments!

    2. Always try to get reservations when possible, but there are options on here that will require a wait (aka no reservations). Plan ahead, put your name down, and then grab a glass of wine or beer while you wait.

    Now get ready to drool.

    Pizza, because it is literally the best.

    Burgers, Burgers, Burgers


    Food Trucks

    The Experience

    Pasta Havens

    A Taste of Home

    Spots to Caffeinate


    Asian Noms



    Speaking of Brunch

    Ice Cream

    And then a few others

    Did I miss anything?

    It's hard to get every awesome food spot onto this list! Let me know if I missed anything in the comments.